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Dandy, The Only Style That Never Fade Away



Coco Chanel used to say that fashion change but style remains and this is something that the fashion industry proves it every time. The dandy style its more like a classic, who only gets reinvented, it’s a brand itself that can not be ignored.

Fashion change every season but the love for art and beauty remains all the seasons, just colours and clothes shape change and make space every time for an update of style or restate the love for others.

Since the release of 50 Shades of Grey’s trailer, the most talked-about trailer in town and the IT movie to be, I remembered elegance, grace, charm, and passion. That cocktail might bring you back in time if you close your eyes in a decade of elegance in the time of La belle époque, Coco Chanel’s time, The roaring ’20, The Golden Hollywood.

Grey, the main character of the movie I mentioned reminds me of another famous Grey, Dorian Grey. Oscar Wilde, emblematic character it’s a flamboyant appearance, a dandy to be, that bring an elegant look with an outrageous/ decadent behavior.

Dandyism as a style appeared in the 18th century and changes a bit through the 19th century and become a classic with Hollywood.

An original dandy is a man with a very impeccable taste of elegance and fashion, maybe a way to fashionable, it’s a person who cares a lot about his look, who generally have an aristocratic flavor, who worship the look of a gentleman. As the style was winning more and more public, it develops into a doctrine, a lifestyle. Far away from just the appealing look, dandy become in the late 19th century something more about lifestyle, intellectual thinking, and appearance as a style not just clothes. Barbey d’Aurevilly, the French novelist, used to say that a jacket doesn’t make you a dandy, its was something more than that, it was in the greatness of spirit, elegance of a person as a behavior, a dandy starts to be more like a smart guy that can speak about any kind of important issues and looks like an old school gentleman. It as after the war when the notion of, classes” fade away and dandy have a nostalgic appearance of a lost world.


The modern dandy it’s a hit again, brought back my movies like The Great Gatsby, Mad Men, 007- James Bond, Bel Ami, The Artist, and others. Commercials for the drinks especially cast an elegant appealing model or actor, let’s remember George Clooney for Martini or Peronni commercials and their Dolce Vita flavor. More than that the fashion industry uses the dandy image at the most and his lates and more famous appearance is David Gandy (photo).

Gandy, a British model, the country where dandy as a movement was born, made several campaigns for clothing, watches, cars, and magazine covers using the everlasting style, that fits him so good. Other famous dandies were: Oscar Wilde, Charles Baudelaire, Beau Brummel, Pedro Abraham Valdelomar, Andy Warhol, etc.

To get the dandy look it takes, first of all, a bold personality, an open-minded, an intellectual figure and some fine and elegant clothes. The description matches only with attitudes.

Must have clothes and accessorize for the dandy look: shirt, jacket, vest, tie, bow, elegant trousers, coat, watch, hanky, scarf, fancy shoes, gloves, hat, classic hair cut and a high art and fashion taste.



By Erick Ycaza

Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.