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LO Delivers ‘Night Owls,’ His 2nd Studio Album And It’s Literally Amazing



LO 'Night Owls'
You can absorb and make your own interpretations on ‘Night Owls, a 10-track album from the one and only LO. A brilliant structured material that becomes an amalgam of Electronica, Pop, and RnB. Whether it’s innovation or spontaneous experimentation, this German singer-songwriter offers engaging melodies. Absolutely, he dominates the craft of sound design as most of his songs shine with chilled elegance. What’s more, the biggest labels in the scene such as Cascade Records, Mixmash, Loveless Records, plus more, have witnessed his unique talent.

Here the sublime effect of all his hypnotic songs will grab your attention. It’s worth mentioning, LO blends elements like Soul and Synthwave. A clear example of this is “Lost In A Dream,” while the album opener “Blu” brims with emotions. No wonder, he also has a futuristic vision enhanced through vocoder-drenched vocals. On the other hand, the vintage-esque groove on “Stay” is probably the best earworm he has produced. Overall, ‘Night Owls’ leaves a desire for even more audible magic. So, don’t let yourself fall into a dark/melancholic mood without playing his great music.



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