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Luke Bonaro Interview 2015



Luke Bonaro

Luke Bonaro is an Italian DJ & Producer with a great talent! The executives at Morior Invictus confirmed that they were really impressed with uniqueness of his latest track “A Magic Story” and moved ahead with signing him. In this exclusive interview he expressed his most sincere words about music in general. I also want to invite you to listen to his tracks below.

1 – What is the one thing people might be surprised to learn about you?

Maybe you can be surprise that I don’t listen a lot of House music, it’s part of the genre that I love for sure, but I listen a lot of other genres, maybe it can be strange for a producer of electronc music, but I think is better to know and appreciate different types of music rather than listening only one genre.

2 – What is your own interpretation about House music?

House music is the revolution of music, it is like changing your old car with a new super technologic model… Some continue to prefer the first and other persons love the last, and nobody can say that one is better than the other, it’s only a progressive question and you know that not all the people will agree to each other.

In House music all genres can be mixed together and if you do in the right way you can have a very good and original result, an example are some of Avicii tracks, he can insert a Country style in House music in any way and get a very good track, which is also fresh and original. Obviously there are some rules to follow but for the rest this type of music gives you the freedom that artists need to show their creativity.

3 – If you were to pick one track of yours for all the Electro WOW fans to hear, which track would it be?

It’s not simple to answer this question for me… The first option is “A Magic Story” because I did it with the purpose of letting others to pick a personal interpretation, this track can’t tell a single story, because it doesn’t have words, but it can tell you at the  same time one thousand stories because everyone that listen it has his story in mind…

The second option is “In The Night”, I finish it about 1 month ago, it has the characteristics of Techno with an original and fresh sound… maybe some modifications are necessary, but just some little things.

4– What are you currently working on?

I’m always at work, in this period a little less, only because I found a new full time job. I’m working on a a melody that I made with my midi piano, (I’m studying piano from my self) and then I turned it into a House version. The result for the moment, is too “soft” for my standard, but I will modify something in these days.

I always like to experiment something new, I have a lot of projects to finish in this moment, another example is a remake of “The Wall” by Pink Floyd, with the vocals of a friend.

5 – Where do you see music taking you in the future?

I want to be a real world DJ/Producer, I want that my music reach all the world and I want to play it on the biggest events. I hope that music will be my real job, in this way I can dedicate to it all my energy.

It’s important for me to produce always something new. I think that I can do a lot like producer but I need to do have real experience like a DJ to be an artist at 360º.

6 – Tell us something about your latest deal with Morior Invictus. What do they mean to you?

When I read the message of “MORIOR INVICTUS” on my Soundcloud page I was so excited because it means that my music has a value for someone. The fact of this contact meant for me that I did the right change to my music, and the right “step” for  something better. They also helped me to believe in myself and support me to go on and these are the reasons I have thank to them.

7 – Who is the best DJ in the world?

I think Tiesto is one of the best deejays in the world, he played a part in the opening cerymony of the 2004 in Athens and it was amazing! And at same level I must put the Daft Punk duo, they are incredible and they do amazing live sets.

8– Favorite club in Italy and why?

My favorite club here in italy is “COCORICÓ” because is an incredible place where the people go crazy for all the time… That place have a lot of energy! Your life doesn’ t exist when you are there, it’s all about you and the music.

9 – Why do you enjoy producing music?

I love to produce music because it is a total expression of creativity, you can choose everything for the tracks, sounds, effects after effects… Music has this quality to give freedom for those who are composing it.

10- Any other information you want to add?

My dream is to work with music and travel around the world, I want to do my work in all places, I want freedom in life just like is in the music.

Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.



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