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Martone Talks Enotram Records, Dance Music, And The Search For New Artists!



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You should know what’s new about Enotram Records today. Recently, we had a chat with its CEO, Martone Williams who provided first-hand details about the label’s present and future. Based out of Dallas, Texas, the publishing company specializes in Dance music. Best of all, Martone is currently searching for new artists. So, learn more below and don’t miss your chance to form part of it!

1 — First of all, thank you so much for allowing me to interview you for the third time on Electro Wow. So far, what has 2018 taught you?

No, thank you for being such an awesome friend, supporter and fan of my efforts. To answer your question, I have learned the power of forgiveness for myself and others. I have learned especially not to take life for granted.

2 — Is your label Enotram Records rising like a phoenix from the ashes?

No, I would not say that. I would say that Enotram Records is emerging into adulthood. Especially, in 2019.

3 — What about music videos as a promotional tool?

I love the idea of using music videos as a promotional tool. Especially, if the artist and director are dynamic enough to convey what the song is about while delivering a powerful enough performance to excite viewers and call them to action. You know, by streaming music, buying concert tickets and merchandise.enotram records4 — How is Enotram Records supporting up and coming Indie Music Producers?

If it is something that I hear and absolutely fall in love with, then I am on the phone and sending emails to see if one of my colleagues might be interested in working with an up and coming indie producer. As of now, Michael E. Williams, II of Platinum Keyz recordings and Marvin DJ Extreme Detroit Hairston are family. So, I am more prone to working with them because there is not much explaining needed when we want a track completed.

5 — What are the chances to get signed by the label? Are you only looking for local artists or Dance music tracks?

Right now, I am feeling out a couple of people. I will tell you that I am looking for people with the ability to listen, take constructive criticism and that have patience. We are currently looking for Pop/Dance/RnB recording artists for mid to late summer 2019 release. I am not opposed to going outside my borders.

6 — Honestly, I’m loving its latest release, “The Beat Is Calling Me” by Clayton Morgan. How did you two connect to make this possible?

I am so happy to hear that you are loving The Beat is Calling Me. I feel the same exact way every time I hear it. Well, full disclosure Clayton is my husband. So, he came to me and asked if I would release the song on my label after letting me listen to it. He thought that it would be prudent to release with me because I am able to push his music to multiple music platforms that were previously unavailable to him.

7 — Are there any plans to release a remix EP for “The Beat Is Calling Me” in the future?

Yes, I actually just approved the remixes for release on Friday, December 14, 2018, the first remix which, I know you are going to love is called the Deep N Soulful Remix and the second one is called the Duce Remix which has a tropical worldbeat vibe to it. Both are very hot, I am really excited about it.

8 — We know you are also working on an upcoming remix for “Groove Tonight”. Are you taking a different direction from the original?

Yes, Groove Tonight Emperor’s Mix comes out Thursday, November 15, 2018, the remix offers something different for fans who love the original and other remix versions. Its more of an EDM feel to it with elements of Dubstep, and Trap. I am pleased with it and I hope everyone else enjoys it too. This will be the last official remix of Groove Tonight.

While we are talking remixes, I promise there will be new music from me in Late February 2019. Its been a long time coming.

9 — We are living in the digital age of music, do you think the vinyl format is still relevant for your label?

Believe it or not, I was thinking of putting “Fuck Me Baby” on vinyl, like they used to do back in the day with White Labels and not my name on it. The sound of vinyl is unlike any other – you can hear all the instruments and that sound when the needle hits the record, brings back so many memories. But to answer your question, vinyl is still relevant and at the end of 2016 sales reached nearly $13 million and that is not a drop in the bucket.

10 — Finally, do you agree this new trend where artists sign to multiple record labels? 

Not at all, it seems like a conflict of interest to me and I do not agree with double dipping. Personally, I like exclusive deals for a term, meaning one or two albums tops or singles deals, and if you are happy with the company that you are with, stay.


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