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Mind Blowing Daft Punk Outfit Available On Ebay



Mind Blowing Daft Punk Outfit Available On Ebay
Are you ready for Halloween? Here’s the ultimate guide, so that you can wear the coolest Daft Punk outfit next month. There are different sellers on Ebay, and all depends on your budget. Below I have listed the best items on Ebay, this simplifies the time you will take on searching the ideal Daft Punk costume.

1 – The Daft Punk Mask

Most of them are very expensive, but you’ll get a variety of designs and colors. Choose the best mask or helmet according to your personal style. Anyway, the best Daft Punk outfit will be the one that has a certain resemblance to the original. Here are some good options:

Daft Punk mask in white color

Daft Punk Helmet in white color
Daft Punk Helmet in white color

Made from high quality exterior strongest fiberglass. This mask was made by professional Thai artists that have experience for more than 10 years with the fiberglass material. This is not an affordable option on Ebay, but you’ll like it. Price $165 USD.

Daft Punk mask in silver color

On the contrary, if you like the previous model but in silver color, you can also get it from the same seller. Below is an extra picture, so that you can see it clearly. The price stays the same and I think you should begin to save money if you really want it… 

daft punk mask silver

Daft Punk mask in black and gold

In my personal opinion, this is the most recognizable model of the daft punk mask. Here you have a helmet in a bright golden color. Made and designed by Xcoser, a very comfortable mask that features a layer of soft sponge pad inside. Available now in USA, this seller sells it at the price of $119 USD.

Daft Punk mask in black and gold

 And the most expensive one…

If you’re rich enough here’s the pricey one on Ebay. A full led Daft Punk mask that includes gloves, stand and necklace. The front display is a 256 led matrix set up with super bright red leds that run multiple patterns when turned on and is also bluetooth capable and via android phone. You can text to the helmet and whatever you text to it will scroll across the screen. Price $3,500 USD.

daft punk mask ebay


Here’s a cheap Daft Punk black sequin jacket made in China. According to the seller, it is custom-made to your own measurements, which sounds like the perfect bargain at just $20 USD.

daft punk jacket

If your budget is more flexible you can get the leather jacket. Feel happy to pay $75 USD. for this one which includes the logo of the band at the backside. Check the image below.

daft punk leather jacket


Finally, gloves are an essential part of the Daft Punk outfit. Cover your hands with these nice gloves made in Thailand and you’ll be practically a robot for only $64 USD.

gloves daft punk

Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.


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