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Montreal Producer Hibernate Loses Entire Album After Drunk Girl Destroys His Studio Computer During A Party



But then finds it again. Somehow.


Four years ago, Montreal artist Hibernate produced 8 tracks in an inspirational storm not lasting more than six days. The result was a dance-floor-crushing array of Electro, Progressive and Nu Disco. But then, disaster struck mercilessly as the hard drive in his studio computer was obliterated during a minor explosion. The mishap occurred after a very intoxicated girl tripped over the main power feed to the equipment, causing a catastrophic power surge which fried the hard-drive. Enraptured in his creative ecstasy, Hibernate (Joseph Borg) completely failed to remember to create backup copies of the material. Angry – then eventually desolate – the artist licked his wounds and went on to create new music.

This story is over right? Wrong.

Over a conversation with fellow producer Jordon F., he learned that Jordon had a hard drive kicking around his studio with a bunch of Hibernate tracks on it. How? Hibernate would typically send ‘J.F.’ pre-mastered versions of his tracks in order to get last minute mixing advice on things like effects, levels, EQ and general vibe. Wondering if any of these tracks could be the ‘lost tunes‘, he asked Jordon if he could take a look through the drives. Extraordinary, EIGHT of the tunes were found in an ‘almost complete’ state after being sent to the precision ears of Jordon F… a fact that Hibernate completely overlooked due to being so consumed in his music production.

So, that is the story of how the ‘Lost Tunes’ became found. Of course, all of these tracks were re-mastered and touched up by Hibernate for the ‘modern age’ (electronic music moves oooh so fast these days).

Hibernate has been writing (and not losing) electronic music of various genres for 15 years, with some of the world’s top Djs giving his tunes continual support. Some of the many superstars who have made use of his talents on-the-floor are Paul Oakenfold (featuring Hibernate’s ‘Left Alone‘ as the lead-off track on his Perfecto Vegas compilation), Markus Schultz, Armin Van Buuren (who played early Hibernate trance repeatedly on his ‘State of Trance’ radio show), and many, many more.

If the dance music community promises to give the hard work of this production legend a careful listen, Hibernate promises to click save more often.

More on Hibernate

Joseph Borg, who is also know for making some seriously ‘out of the box’ electronic beats, also creates music under the aliases of Angry Muffin and Les Grooves. Under these pseudonyms he explores genre-expanded expression, with little or no regard for current trends and public attention.

Angry Muffin is also featured in a self titled mocumentary viewable on YouTube:

Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.


Cyazon Delivers A DnB Remix Of “Where Do We Go” By Dimension



Where Do We Go Dimension
The talented Producer, Cyazon, is back again with another smash remix, this time injecting his powerful signature style into Dimension’s “Where Do We Go. Fresh from the release of his own production, “Before You Leave,” a collaboration with Au5 and Tyler Graves, Cyazon has had a busy year so far, dropping striking productions and electrifying remixes; now, showing no signs of slowing down, Cyazon delivers this dynamic new Drum & Bass remix that is poised to conquer dancefloors globally with its energetic beat and uplifting vibe. As he continues to showcase his impressive talents and skilled production style, Cyazon emerges as a powerful force within the Electronic Music realm and one to watch closely, as he keeps developing his style and finding new and exciting ways to elevate his soundscapes.

Cyazon has curated a distinct signature sound that blends elements from a range of genres like Dubstep, Electro House and Midtempo, to name a few; as he incorporates Futuristic and Cyperpunk elements, he innovates with his productions, presenting a unique and refreshing style. With such a hard-hitting signature sound, it is no surprise that Cyazon has already enjoyed several milestone achievements, including reaching over 2 million streams across leading platforms and receiving radio support from top names within the genre, like Don Diablo and Zomboy.

The track opens with a dreamy and ethereal vibe, quickly building momentum as a driving beat, powerful bassline, and punchy arpeggiator enter, adding an intense party-starter groove to the track. The uplifting energy continues through to the breakdown, where the atmospheric arrangement guides listeners through full-bodied string pads, bubbly synth progressions, and intensifying colourful sonic elements; the catchy vocals and dynamic low end create the mighty sound at the drop, delivering an anthemic vibe that showcases Cyazon’s signature production style. This new remix is an energetic and exciting listen that is unmissable for not only Cyazon’s followers but for all fans of the genre.

As Cyazon promises to keep delivering high-quality productions that consistently raise the bar and set him apart from his peers within Electronic Music, the talented Producer is poised to keep building momentum and reaching new creative milestones with each new release. Be sure to follow Cyazon across social media to keep up to date with his upcoming releases and exciting new projects. ‘Where Do We Go’ is out now and available to stream and download.



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5 Intriguing Aspects Of Aezon’s Upcoming Album, ‘Life Unknown’



I’m absolutely thrilled to share everything I’ve got on Aezon‘s soon-to-drop album, ‘Life Unknown.’ Undoubtedly, this 10-track masterpiece translates the deep thoughts of the mind and soul into electronic melodies. Make sure to jot down September 12th in your calendars!

To satisfy your curiosity, fascinating and intriguing aspects are detailed accurately below.

1. A Fusion of Emotions and Soundscapes

‘Life Unknown’ is an incredible blend of Dubstep, Techno, DnB, and PsyTrance, all woven together to create cutting-edge Electronica that pushes boundaries. This album draws inspiration from the depths of human feelings and the complexities of evolving perceptions.

Aezon’s own experiences with ups and downs serve as the catalyst for this unique creation too. Besides, you can expect dark themes throughout.

2. The Artist Behind the Sound

Aezon’s transition from a classically trained pianist/percussionist to an electronic music producer has infused ‘Life Unknown’ with a distinctive sonic fingerprint. Plus, her innate ability to translate raw emotions into harmonies and beats, gives this material a deeply personal touch that resonates with listeners.

3. Collaborative Project

In this case, collaborations with artists such as Ex-Inferis and Rare Holo enrich the whole album, adding layers of depth and dimension to the already striking tunes. Obviously, this peculiarity stands as proof of Aezon’s willingness to embrace new concepts with an open outlook.

4. Embark on a Transformative Expedition

Clearly, ‘Life Unknown’ isn’t merely an album; it’s an invitation. An invitation to embark on a transformative expedition through the corridors of self-reflection.

Although the instrumental elements outweigh the vocals in complexity, each tune will get you grooving to the beat while also prompting you to contemplate its sonic textures.

5. An Enigmatic Finale

As the album comes to an end, Aezon throws in a curveball: an alien invasion! This last part makes you think about things in a whole new way, making you wonder about how you see things. It’s a mysterious ending that’ll keep your mind spinning even after the music stops.

Without further ado, stay tuned for this electrifying release that promises to redefine modern electronic music and the very essence of life itself.



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Discover Why Timothy Michael Immen Dazzles With Micro EDM



Timothy Michael ImmenHaving ventured into music production during the onset of the pandemic, Timothy Michael Immen proudly presents today his skills in “Electric Dynamo.With cheerful beats and bright synthesizers, the track exemplifies Micro EDM to perfection!

Currently, he has taken his talents overseas to Korea, where he plans to continue developing his eclectic style. In fact, he has a massive and highly formal release planned for next year, but it’s all hush-hush at the moment.

Drawing inspiration from the iconic film Bladerunner and even ABBA, Immen’s creation transports listeners to a futuristic underground club. Certainly, the instrumental arrangement speaks volumes, as well as the intense and energetic drops.

Not to mention, its lack of lyrics does not diminish its allure. Hit the play button below.

You know what’s cool? “Electric Dynamo” kinda feels like the soundtrack of a Sci-Fi odyssey. And, of course, the melodies stand out more because they have a concise and condensed structure without the build-ups you’re used to in commercial tunes.

Lastly, the Skype-recorded robotic vocals totally embrace the Space-Age vibe of this jam. So, it’s crystal clear that this simple yet essential element adds some extra flair and originality to the whole shebang.

Keep your headphones on, I’m sure there’s more excitement ahead with his forthcoming unconventional pieces.



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