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Mylo Announces First New Album In 10 Years



Dance music superstar Mylo is back! In a recent interview, he announced his first new album in 10 years. Mylo has been busy mixing down the tracks of his upcoming album which will be released soon in early 2016. He said that there were a few problems on the business side that he was not at liberty to discuss, and they were quite time-consuming but now he is free to release stuff with autonomy.

Mylo: “I still have an understanding with Epic records, who are part of the Sony brand. This album may go under the radar because it is instrumental Disco but if I do Electro stuff that might trouble the charts, then the Sony deal might kick in again. I have a great management company who have stood by me through all of this and I have them behind me when I get back out there. There were a few headwinds but that’s all in the past now.”

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