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A Really Nice Song About “Fear”, Sung By Trance Vocalist Alexandra Badoi



Hailing from Romania, Alexandra Badoi is known in the global Trance community for her haunting vocals. Her latest offering is a song about fear, anxiety, and insecurity. Infidelity is a problem that emerges when there’s no serious commitment. As a matter of fact, this nice composition produced by Headstrong revolves around the natural consternation of losing your partner. You can expect short but deep lyrics that will make you reflect on your relationship.

song about fear

Sonically, there’s an epic melody that includes bright piano chords that fit well with the emotions behind this tune. Alexandra’s poetic songwriting excels on this record, and I hope you like the visuals as much as I do. Can’t wait to hear more from the singer, who originally caught the attention of this blog back in 2017, with “Did We Feel?”.




I shed a tear,
I cry each night for you
I heard a song,
That broke my heart in two
But I believe,
Our love is true
Every moment,
I think of you

I have a fear,
You’re wounding me
I have a fear,
You’re hurting me
And it’s hard,
To be sure
If your love,
Is so pure

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