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REAPER Calls Up Prodigal Talent Segan For “IMY” Remix



REAPER remix
Rising artist Segan continues to mix things up in the Drum & Bass scene with his latest remix of the REAPER track, “IMY. Listen to Segan’s remix today, via Bassrush Records.

Sam Segan, known by most as Segan, made his first splash in the music scene in 2020 with an unforgettable remix for music artist Tisoki. Since then, the Los Angeles-based DJ and producer has been forging ahead in the west coast’s emerging Drum & Bass scene.

Segan earlier this summer dropped the single that’s defining the current chapter of his career, “In Your Arms. The high-energy, futuristic track featured heavy drum & bass influences paired with moving lyrics.

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Now, Segan is turning his attention to the mysterious artist REAPER for his latest remix project. REAPER has been making breakthroughs in the Drum & Bass music scene since the LA-based project launched in early 2019. The two artists clearly share a passion for mixing things up in the Dance music scene by drawing inspiration from the Drum & Bass genre and turning out music that combines break-neck tempos with modern music elements.

The single “IMY” originally appeared on REAPER’s debut album called ‘DISRUPTOR LP,’ which was released earlier in 2022 to significant acclaim in the Dance music community. “IMY” quickly became the LP’s top-streamed track and a big fan favorite.

For “IMY,” Segan masterfully combines his own snappy, futuristic sonic elements with old-school drum beats, creating a quick-tempo and highly addictive remix that’s a pleasure to listen to. Segan’s remix is an uplifting take on “IMY” that showcases the artist’s talent as a musician and collaborator.

Thanks to bold remixes including “IMY” and other strong releases, Segan is establishing a comfortable foothold in the growing Drum & Bass scene that has popped up on the west coast. There’s no doubt that both Segan and REAPER are making great inroads in LA’s music scene, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see their paths cross again in the future.



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