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Ser Franklin: Listen To The Soulful Singer/Songwriter’s First Album ‘Lonely Soul’



Ser Franklin: Listen To The Soulful Singer/Songwriter's First Album "Lonely Soul"
London-based singer Ser Franklin is one of those artists that is totally committed to music since he was a child. He had a deep approach to the world of Jazz and Soul music while studying in America with the help of a scholarship. Nowadays, his songs are highly influenced by these genres but what I admire most about Ser Franklin is his stunning singing voice. Well, I’m truly honored for reviewing his debut album ‘Lonely Soul’, which is available everywhere. This material includes 13 hidden gems that you need in your playlist, and they deserve to be heard. Super smooth, natural and exquisite music awaits your attention below!


Here’s my track-by-track review of ‘Lonely Soul’ by Ser Franklin:

1 – Lonely Soul As I said before, Ser Franklin’s vocal range is absolutely amazing, and that’s no exaggeration. So, this time I took my headphones to focus on other important elements of his music. I immediately noticed that the lyrics are deeply emotive, in particular, on this song called “Lonely Soul”. His skills as a songwriter come to light with a bit of drama. I like the sincerity of his words about loneliness, which is a subject we can all identify with. My favorite lines: Loneliness surrounds me I’m screaming out your name. Tormented by these feelings my lonely soul takes flight

2 – Ain’t No Other Way This is a bright Pop number and more upbeat than the first track. This tune quickly had me singing along to the catchy chorus within seconds. Ser Franklin makes the magic happens as he transforms a slow-paced song into an uplifting love anthem. For me, it’s the best on the album, and I think it could become a great single.

3 – Remember The Time Here Ser Franklin expresses his nostalgic feelings to the loved one. He sings with emotion like the big stars, and I can compare his soulful/romantic vocals with the likes of Andy Bell, Antony Hegarty, and even George Michael.

4 – Night A nice ballad, with amazing verses and metaphors accompanying mostly by a piano melody. With “Night”, the singer dives into his personal experiences and sings what he feels without any fear.

5 – Not Looking I hear the influences of funk and reggae rhythms on this song. Pretty cool instrumentations, with an organic, live feel.

6 – My Angel (Love Song) Franklin Ser continues with the same tropical vibe similar to track number five. Although, this song features a happy vibe and mariachi-like trumpets and violins, which sound completely different in comparison to the rest of the tunes!

7 – The One That I Love I particularly love the saxophone in the track. This is the shortest song on the ‘Lonely Soul’ album, and despite this, you’ll still enjoy its laid-back and simple sound.

8 – Live Again There’s a blend of Jazz and Pop styles on “Live Again”. Franklin Ser delivers the perfect vocals to match with the wonderful orchestration. Literally, a rich sonic composition!

9 – Just Let Me Breathe Romantic listeners will simply get hooked by this song. He will take you on a sentimental journey through the ballad’s lyrics. He clearly sings from the heart.

10 –  Feel It features a repetitive melody throughout the whole sound. This is not another ballad, I think this time Ser Franklin wants you to FEEL the rebellious side of his music.

11 – Take It Away In short, a dark song with a mysterious tone and a heavy drop. You can appreciate the high range of his vocals at its maximum splendor.

12 – Fly Where You Won’t Follow The intro starts with beautiful violin strings, and then he sings a new interesting story while marching drums are heard in the background. I think this album is more to be experienced than analyzed. His music is his poetic expression, and is complemented with his singing talent!

13 – Down Here Below As a fan of synths and electronic music, I remained in admiration with the last song of ‘Lonely Soul’.

This is definitely an album that will fit everyone’s tastes and it also enters easily into the listener’s soul. Just stream the whole album as many times as you feel it is needed and enjoy.


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