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If Singing Is Your Hobby, Then Check Out GWYLO’s New Lyric Video



If Singing Is Your Hobby, Then Check Out GWYLO's New Lyric Video!
Singing is my hobby and so is yours. It’s time to give yourself a break in order to enjoy this lyric video from the enigmatic DJ/Producer GWYLO. Science has proved that this activity reduces stress and improves your mood. Therefore, his new song “Came To Say Goodbye” is perfect to start with your leisure time as it features catchy Dance-Pop hooks, engaging lyrics and soaring choruses. In short, it talks about closing a chapter in your life and reflect on relationships.

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GWYLO has extensive experience working behind the scenes. He was trained to play guitar as a youngster. Time after he was writing songs by the age of 12. Of course, all this led him to take a musical path as a career in adulthood. Interestingly, one of his biggest achievements was his collaboration with the Godfather of Techno, Westbam, on his 2013 album, ‘Götterstrasse’. Currently residing in Berlin, GWYLO is trying to be more radio-friendly through his new tunes in order to appeal to the needs and tastes of everybody.



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