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Techno Star Carl Cox Says Goodbye To Space Ibiza



Techno Star Carl Cox Says Goodbye To Space Ibiza
Started in 2001, Carl Cox‘s weekly residence at the Space was an unmissable event in Ibiza. Every Tuesday, the British DJ shared the turntables with his guests, with the great energy that characterizes him. A genuine star of the underground, Carl Cox used his strong exposure to the Space Ibiza, that became in parallel the “best international club”, to promote its eclectic Dance and Techno music.

The last evening of Carl Cox  was an exceptional showcase for Space and its owner Pepe Rosello, who did not hesitate to lend him his own villa during the summer. A strong friendship highlighted this fruitful working relationship, “Big Carl” filling the club each week, confirming his stature from week to week, without forcing his talent. After fifteen years of loyalty to the Space, the English veteran announced that he would end his residence definitively.

Carl Cox last performance at Space Ibiza

He learned that Pepe Rosello is retiring, yielding his club to the operators at the head of the most beautiful open-air club on the island, Ushuaia. So, of course, Carl Cox’s last night at the Space was a historic event. He came to conclude an exceptional season, with a record crowd and sold-out party.

From the first to the last evening. On September 20, he seized the turntables of the main hall for ten hours in a row, for a set that went into history. Retransmitted Live by, this exceptional DJ set, who saw Carl stand out some of his favorite vinyls, varied the pleasures and delighted the crowd.

His smile, his sweaty silhouette and his dancing manner, will remain forever engraved in the memories of all those who had their  party times at Space. A page has turned but Carl Cox is not ready to retire. He is still motivated by his passion for mixing Techno and his unmatched pleasure to share his musical culture. In any case, with this last set marathon, already seen by millions of Internet users, the Englishman is obviously a legend!

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