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The Coolest Band In The World Of Synthpop Today: Male Tears



Currently, many artists exist, but those who stand out dare to be passionate about what they do. That being said, the coolest band in the world of Synthpop today is undoubtedly Male Tears.

Impressively, they bring back the sound of those popular New Wave bands from the 80s that used to rock MTV. Moreover, they blend nostalgic vibes with a modern touch, creating a unique style in their songs.

coolest band in the world

Discovering Male Tears’ “Talk To Me” Music Video

The most awesome thing about being a music blogger is stumbling upon something exciting by chance, and that’s exactly what happened when I came across Male Tears’ latest music video, “Talk To Me.

From the makeup, wardrobe, to the synths they use, everything these young creatives bring to the table is seriously eye-catching. Of course, credit must be given to the director behind these visuals, Danniel Maggio, who totally knows how to play with aesthetics and shots to enhance the melody even further…

But beyond that, this clip leaves you with that craving to see and hear so much more from them and their authentic art. It’s like an addiction, you just can’t get enough!

Embracing Retro Vibes

Straight outta Los Angeles, the coolest band in the world of Synthpop is about to drop a 9-track album called ‘Paradísco. Obviously, “Talk To Me” is part of this gem, and another killer tune that I find fascinating is “Sex On Drugs.”

Actually, if you’ve got some free time, go ahead and pre-save their new material on Male Tears’ official Bandcamp page.

Paradisco album
In conclusion, these dudes deserve to be heard because they soak up the best of the past. They embrace the iconic and extravagant essence of those timeless retro hits and bring ’em back to life for the new generation.

For all that and more, you can’t miss out on their latest updates, so check out their social media below.



By Erick Ycaza

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