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TheVerce New Interview On Electro Wow



TheVerce New Interview On Electro WOW
There is no other artist who knows how to blend perfectly Hip Hop music and EDM like our friend TheVerce. He’s back with a new mixtape to be released soon on January 1st. We previously had an interview with him early this year (click here), but this time, we wanted to deepen certain topics related to his vision as an artist. Here’s a must-read interview just for you!

1 – What are the factors that attract you most to the Hip Hop scene?

I was born and raised on the south side of Atlanta. This city has a rich tradition of Hip Hop, the culture is embedded in everyday life. The fashion and raw realness of Hip Hop is what essentially attracted me to the scene.

2 – Are most of your friends fans of the same music?

A lot of my friends are artists so we share the same interest in the same music. We are fans of underground Hip Hop and EDM music.

3 – Do you think that the lyrics in most of the music that you produce are reflective of your personal beliefs?

Oh hell yes! My music is a direct reflection of me and or my friends’ personal experiences. Every song has a bit of truth to it. We party and ain’t about unnecessary violence. Peace and love and forget all that race stuff. Modern-day hippies. Team Blackout for life.

4 – Do you dress and act the same when you are at shows as when you are not at shows?

If you seriously listen to my music you will hear my struggle with my Gemini personality, meaning my struggle of respecting my humble beginnings versus my flashy side. I could lie and say I wear $2,500 shoes, drive $300k cars all day every day like most artists but I view self-satisfaction differently. I’d rather pay off my little cousin’s college tuition or help my sister out. Yes, I do dress and act the same as I do at shows occasionally but most of the time I am dressed relaxed and enjoy treating all my friends on vacations or a ball game or something simple like that.

5 – Have you ever had to work with someone really difficult?

Yes, I have worked with someone really difficult. Of course, I won’t name any names but I was known in the music business for my hit songwriting skills before stepping out as an artist. I have worked with all types. I was writing a single for a known pop artist and she was a major pain in my *ss. What should have taken 6 weeks took 5 months to complete but we got it done. lol

6 – What’s the name of your latest single?

My latest single is called “The Drink Song” ft. the Ying Yang Twins and Samantha Falk. How would you describe it? Hmm. Imagine coming home for the 1st time in a long time, meeting all your friends, taking a ton of shots, and having the greatest night of your life. Now put that in a song. It’s Hip Hop fused with Electro-Pop. Fellas your girl is going to love this one.

7 – Are you planning to release a new album or single?

Yes, “The Drink Song” will be available around 2/2016. It will be the 1st single off my new EP which is yet to be named. The new EP will be released on July 4th.

8 – What do you think of the “Illuminati” that is often attributed to the Hip Hop industry?

I think it is quite funny. It seems like every time black people have something successful happening a conspiracy has to be behind it. I personally am offended the two are even linked in the same sentence.

9 – What is your perception of the Ultra Music Festival? Would you want to participate again in this event?

Ultra Music Festival was an amazing experience. The people, the stages, the lights, and the vibe were indescribable. One of the best festivals, and I am at a lot of festivals. I would love to participate again this year. Unfortunately, I will not have the time to be a part of it in 2016. I have a European tour around the same time.

10 – Will you perform for the holidays?

I will be on a few stages in the southeast over the holiday season preparing for my spring tour with The Ying Yang Twins and KBM in 2016.



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