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This Is Guaranteed To Make You Sing, “Dangerous Blue” By Glüme



Singing releases endorphins and other chemicals which make you feel better. However, only truly catchy songs achieve this effect on us. One great option is “Dangerous Blue” by Glüme aka the ‘Walmart Marilyn Monroe.’

The “What Is A Feeling” singer returns with a music video that will literally blow your mind. It’s incredible how a swimming pool becomes the perfect scenario where the magic happens.

Without a doubt, her talent encompasses not only writing fantastic tunes but also directing and creating something aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

In addition, I love how she adds some creative flourish to her verses. By this, I mean she takes figurative language to the next level through her own lyrics.

Dangerous Blue
If I’m not mistaken, “Dangerous Blue” talks about substantial changes. Perhaps, she’s telling the story of someone who is adopting a different attitude, perspective, or new vision in life for the sake of freedom.

”Dangerous Blue”… a loss of innocence. I see the world differently after the pain. I become the person that learns to see in the dark… but does that mean I now cause that pain to others?  Or do I seek to turn it around and be free? — Glüme

The Italians Do It Better label features this Electro-Pop gem and much more via the fourth volume of their ‘After Dark’ compilation series. Everyone go stream it!



By Erick Ycaza

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