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Trendy Beard Styles For DJs & Artists



trendy beard styles
Growing beards is trending for most DJs and artists. It defines them, gives them status and confirms their manliness. If you are young and want to look older, your facial hair can change your shape and place you in the desired age group. A few whiskers will, indeed, make your face look older. Unfortunately, if you are a new DJ or artist, you may not know the style that fits you unless you do some research and read some of the leading beard style guides. Here are the top 5 styles for DJs and artists to choose from.

Van Dyke Beard style

This style combines both a goatee and mustache styles features. It is associated with a17th-century painter and requires precision styling. If your beard is short, this style may not be suitable for you. To shape it, you need a good shaver and long beards. It entails shaving all the hair around the neck, cheek as well as sideburns. The barber must shape the beards on the chin so that it forms an inverted T. It means that if your beard is less than two inches, it may not be a style for you. The beard around the chin area must be allowed to grow to more than two inches before your barber shapes the Van Dyke beard style.

van dyke beard
Style #2 Stubble

The style is not only easy to cultivate, but it is the simplest to maintain. This makes it ideal for DJs and artists who need to spend more of their time in the studio. All you need is to let your hair grow for a few days and request your barber to shape the stubble style. It is one of the styles that came around in the 1930s but suits most face shapes. Studies in the Northumbria University established that DJs and artists with this style attract more women than those without. It is an ideal style for artists with baby faces because it makes them look mature. Men with uneven beards, pigmentation and acne scars always find comfort in the stubble beard style since provide an ideal camouflage. To shape this style the beards must be allowed to grow for four days so that they lay flatter on the face. Stubble beard style is easy to maintain and requires some regular conditioning and trimming.

stubble beard
Style #3 The Goatee

Of course, we are aware that this has been the main beard style for rock stars and intellectuals. But, the style is trending and finding more space in the art industry and is a style of choice for many DJs. The style feature some hair above the lip and the chin. The hair on the lip and the chin are then connected so as to create a beautiful frame for the mouth.

goatee beard
The goatee style is preferred by artists who find it difficult to grow full beards. It is also ideal for anyone with uneven and patchy beards. If you are slim and have an angular face, this style can be your choice. It is also suitable for people with round faces since it makes the faces look slimmer.

To maintain the style, you must check on the beard regularly and use the recommended oil. Use a trimer to ensure that the whiskers sit above the edges of your upper lip.

Style #4 The Beardstache

The style allows the mustache to grow longer than the surrounding hair. It is one of those styles that oozes masculinity if done by an expert. It is a popular style with actors since it is the best lightweight style to choose. The style works well on most face shapes and could be an ideal one for people with a wider chin because of its ability to draw people’s attention to the face. It combines the features of stubble and a full beard. Thus, so the maintenance strategy should revolve around accommodate both styles. Use the trimmer to keep the hair around the chin extended as it is the case in the stubble beards. However, you should grow the mustache so that the finish on the sides is lower than the bottom lip. A comb may be used to maintain the stache part

Style #5 The Short Beard

These style is becoming popular with artists who also work in offices. It is office friendly and versatile. The short beard is men’s best style for men since it is suitable for most faces. If the angle is tailored, it can help men emphasize their best features.

If you are one of the artists with a round face, you will find this style suitable for you. The only thing you may need to do is to reduce the length of the side so that you elongate the face a little bit. Also, if men with a narrow and thin faces leave the sides longer, it helps to add width. The only problem with this style is that you must visit a barber for the first trim. The beard should grow to around 1-2 cm before you visit a barber to have it trimmed. Subsequent trims can be done at home. Notice that maintaining the style requires regular trims.

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