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URBANO Is The Hottest Duo Out There – Check Out Their Album ‘Royal Family’



URBANO Band Is The Hottest Duo Out There
When you go to their Soundcloud page, you soon realize URBANO is a brother and sister group. I mean the genes in that family must be amazing. Hailing from the suburbs of Philadelphia, this duo recorded their eleven-track album ‘Royal Family’ over the course of two years.

Let me tell you though…it is well worth the wait! They have a very eclectic vibe with a lot of different aesthetic styles all intermingling together. URBANO somehow meshes Pop, EDM, and Hip-Hop all into one. There are some amazing dance tracks that immediately scream Electro House, keeping you on your feet the entire time.

Their songs have effortless melodies and harmonies, creating a truly unique connection to one another. These two artists seamlessly collaborate together to make some huge hits off this album. They keep their listeners guessing the whole time and really give an enjoyable well-rounded album.

Definitely the hottest duo on the market for today’s Top 40! Some favorites include Happy Hour, Body Werk, Night And Day, Keep Dancin’ and In The Moment. We are all excited to see what they do next.

Let’s dive in with a track-by-track review:

1 – Happy Hour ‘Royal Family’ starts out with an uplifting EDM hit. It is one of the strongest jams in the album, and also the favorite of many fans.

2 – Are You? Here you’ll get a song with Hip-Hop and RnB elements. With slow and smooth beats, it’s an okay song. You’ll probably like the interaction of both singers as well.

3 – Night And Day A nice radio-friendly Pop-Dance tune with catchy rap verses. It features vocoder vocals without exaggeration. With a really good flow, this is simply beautiful!

4 – Body Werk I really like the aggressive energy this song carries. Excellent for Hip-Hop choreographies and for workout routines. Get in shape and dance!!!

5 – Need To Know Another track with slow paced RnB beats. Again I like the connection between both singers, especially Marisa’s vocals that portray emotions, feelings, and passion.

6 -Replay  It’s great to have such a contrast in this album, not all the tracks are made for the dancefloor. In this case, “Replay” is  a soulful jam, and a love-making track.

7 – Keep Dancin’ Let’s get funky! Honestly, I love the vibe of this song. Featuring violins and a four-bar pattern, this will get you on a D.I.S.C.O. mood.

8 – IDK feat. Jitta The only song on the album that counts with the collaboration of an extra talent. “I Don’t Know” has a distinctive beat, powerful vocals and creative rap lyrics.

9 – Let You Go The Hip-Hop sound continues on this track… I believe this tune will drive fans wild at the club. Here you’ll notice an upbeat attitude on the brothers.

10 – Little Freak I love the fast rapping technique of John, it’s really impressive. Pronouncing all of the words so quickly is not easy at all. This is excellent in every sense!

11 – In The Moment Finally, the album ends with a pretty nice Pop-Dance song that will make your body move! A song that could easily become the next single. It has a summer/tropical vibe in my opinion.



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