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Video Premiere: Deltiimo – Hold On To Love (Tropical Pop Mix)



With summer approaching, Deltiimo understands the importance of delivering compositions that truly resonate. Hence, the innovative UK producer has released a new music video for the Tropical Pop mix of his unreleased gem, Hold On To Love.

On a side note, Deltiimo made his mark with memorable TV appearances featuring the original version in the late 90s. Nevertheless, Deltiimo has revitalized this melody by adding a modern touch that screams beach vibes and good times.

Right from the start, you can tell he wanted to do something different. Indeed, bright and colorful sonic elements flawlessly merge, creating an exquisite blend that entices everyone to hit the dance floor.

Tropical Pop Mix

Some remixes may prioritize transforming the track into an instrumental or experimental version, where the lyrics might be removed. In contrast, Deltiimo opted for a more radio-friendly direction which still works at clubs and parties with his tropical-esque edit.

Above all, the new cut remains true to the essence of the original by continuing to exude a sense of romanticism. Nothing sets the mood like a good sexy jam, and Deltiimo’s remix is the perfect accompaniment to ignite passion and create an alluring atmosphere.

It’s also worth mentioning, the previous Tech House remix of “Love Sometimes It Hurts has been driving DJs wild during its first weekend of release.



By Erick Ycaza

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