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What Does A Reggaeton Party Look Like? Ask Flako Gallego & Reykon



Some of you may be wondering, what exactly does a Reggaeton party look like? Hopefully, the answer you were looking for is the new music video from Flako Gallego and Reykon, “Party El HP.

The Medellin-based talents throw a big celebration at a two-story house filled with friends and strangers. As shown in the clip, something that can never be left out of a Reggaeton party is the classic game of spin the bottle.

Likewise, drinking, smoking weed, kissing, and dancing like there’s no tomorrow seems to be the perfect scenario to clear the mind. “Party El HP” leaves a concise message about how partying too hard is never enough.

reggaeton party

Surprisingly, Reykon keeps shining thanks to his outstanding collaborations. Not so long ago, he teamed up with Magic Juan on a modern cover of “La Cita,” a Salsa hit originally sung by Galy Galiano.

Most importantly, the remix for his popular song “La Suite” has already gone golden. And I truly believe perseverance is the secret of all his triumphs.

Sincerely, I can’t wait to hear more incoming bangers from the Colombian artist.



By Erick Ycaza

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