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Why Eaden’s “Letter To Your Ex” May Be The Best Break Up Song Of 2021



best break up song
So you’re going through a break up. The bad news: it’s never easy. The good news: you’re not alone, and what better way to help you cope than some good old music for the soul.

One evening, while I was browsing through your submissions for this year’s Break Up Playlist, I came across pure gold.

Let me start by saying that making it onto my personal list is no easy feat. Most “Break Up” songs are either cliche and extremely corny.

If you want to get a feel for what sort of music I and my audience find appealing, you can check out the current playlist placeholders below.

Keep in mind that this list is comprised of top songs, the oldest being “Heartless” by Kanye West, which dates over a decade ago.

“Objects in the Mirror” Mac Miller

“IFHY” Tyler, The Creator

“My Favorite Part”” Mac Miller

“Happier” Ed Sheeran

“Heartless” Kanye West

“Call Out My Name” The Weeknd

“I Fall Apart” Post Malone

A commonality between the top contenders is that they each paint poignant yet tragic depictions of love, separation, loneliness, and heartbreak.

Beyond relatability, each one tells a story.

So without further ado,

Let’s talk about why a song from an artist you’ve likely never heard of, caught my attention and got me playing it on repeat.

But first, let’s give Eaden’s “Letter To Your Ex” a listen below:

I mean seriously.

You can’t deny the relatability and strikingly catchy chorus of this song.

I found myself nodding my head, thinking of all my exes I would love to send this song to.

The wordplay and flow of this song are top-tier.

I mean let’s just dissect one bar.

Got the energy
The enthalpy
Seep into all your memories
Topic of all your reveries
Living like I’m in Beverly Hills
You see, I live rent-free

I’m not going to lie, I didn’t even know what the word enthalpy meant but after verifying, it looks like a physics concept relating to internal energy, far beyond me.

My interpretation of this bar is that your vibe and energy will be forever present throughout your ex, their mind, and their dreams.

While you are living your best life, they will be restless; with you living in their mind rent-free.

Something like that. The song only gets better and will likely take a few listens to get a grasp on everything he is saying.

The song is riddled with clever wordplay and is undoubtedly catchy.

Eaden Singh, professionally known as “Eaden”, seems to be fairly new to the music scene, having only 2 released singles at this time. While the Canadian-born artist is just getting started, it seems a bright future lies ahead of him.

Eaden’s “Letter To Your Ex” can be found on Apple Music, Spotify, and Deezer.



Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.

Hip Hop

An Uplifting Song Every Woman Needs To Hear, “So Amazing”



uplifting song
Rising Rap artist Ronald Mkiza joins forces once again with Azalée. No doubt, their vocals blend together in perfection with such an uplifting song every woman needs to hear because they’re “So Amazing.

Effortlessly intertwining their talents, they’re bringing an undeniable magical sound based on fierce rapid-fire bars plus soulful vibes. One way or another, the inventive flow has the mission to empower all the strong ladies out there.

“It’s about uplifting females and I envisioned singing this song to the women in my life who I want to cheer.” — Ronald Mkiza

Certainly, the unshakeable intensity of Ronald’s rhymes will catch your attention right from the start.  At the same time, this element is contrasted and complemented by the delicate touch that Azalée brings to the track.

Stream “So Amazing” below via Spotify.

At just 29 years old, Ronald Mkiza is positively putting a new twist on Hip-Hop, distancing himself from sexist or misogynist Rap lyrics. In fact, he’s an integral part of the genre’s evolution, as his feel-good verses bear a cheerful message, recognizing the value of women.

Nowadays, he divides his time between IT/marketing consultancy and the art of music. This blog has witnessed how his career continues to grow in leaps and bounds, please make sure to follow more updates on his socials down here.



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Moody Bank$ Unveils New EP That Will Appeal To All RnB Fans



Moody Bank$
Moody Bank$ invites listeners along her journey through her introspective and poetic lyricism. So, press play and enjoy her 9-track EP Feeling Colors, which embodies the true spirit of sexy RnB music.

Hailing from Austin, Texas, the talented singer captures your attention within seconds while detailing love/heartbreak narratives. Moreover, this material is packed full of sultry vocals and compositions that sound like classic slow jams from the 90s.

One way or another, these melodies push emotions that feel intimate but, at the same time, relatable. Likewise, it’s okay to curl up under a soft blanket as long as you allow your sensitive side to get carried away in the depths of her melodious verses.

Most importantly, this remarkable project wouldn’t have been possible without the collaboration of producers BLK ODYSSY and Noah Fendz. These artists go above and beyond to deliver varied sonic textures that are as rich as a colour palette.

Further, the ‘Feeling Colors’ EP makes justice to its title by becoming a vast array of stories from different experiences.

The complexity of human nature when it comes to matters of the heart makes artistic expression even more colorful. So, of course, Moody Bank$ takes advantage of this to provide cathartic masterpieces.

Lastly, “Work It Out” doesn’t have to be everyone’s favorite single, but it’s undoubtedly her best work, in my opinion.



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Stephh V’s Rap Music Has Entered Chill Mode, Listen To “Attract”



chill rap
Hailing from Australia, Stephh V unleashes an ear-pleasing potion in the form of chill Rap. The only way to listen to this new tune called “Attract” is on full volume while melodious beats put you in a laidback mood instantly.

The urban artist fuses traditional elements of Hip-Hop/Jazz and very hot lyrics. Moreover, there are no imperfections in her flow as she showcases a blunt, straightforward cadence, pretty notable in her fiery words and rhymes.

If you want to relax in a good sense, make sure to give “Attract” a proper listen. On this occasion, Stephh V relies on a gentle pace instead of pumping out super loud music.

Get ready for an overall authentic feeling that you cannot resist. Her style is so distinct and this jam really shows her range.

See it for yourself down here.

In recent times, it’s been amazing to see her progression as an emerging talent with previous releases such as “Player” and “Free.”

Above all, quality work isn’t a hobby, but Stephh V prefers to delve into art in an uncomplicated and spontaneous way. Besides, it isn’t in vain that 14 years immersed in music actually allowed her to express creatively her own unique identity without any fear, which is worthy of admiration.



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