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YoReL Unveils Album ‘When Ink Turns To Blood’ After 14-Year Hiatus



YoReL - When Ink Turns To Blood

After a long hiatus, YoReL has the opportunity to once again share his personal testimony through Hip-Hop. In particular, the mission of his new album ‘When Ink Turns To Blood’ is to build your faith while he entertains you with his rhymes. Certainly, this artist from Queens, New York City, experienced difficult moments during his path. Varying from life experiences such as the loss of his uncle, Leroy Homer (co-pilot and first officer aboard hijacked United Airlines Flight 93) to selling his music on the streets in different cities of the world without the support of record labels.

The global pandemic encouraged him to produce a fresh 17-track material loaded with unique messages to help you overcome any type of problem, necessary especially in these unpredictable times. Beyond his close relationship with God, here the relatable lyrics call to realize that one should never lose hope for a better tomorrow. At the end of the day, challenging situations help you become a better version of yourself.

As a matter of fact, YoReL is inspired to bring change over what he refers to as a “crippled industry.” Sonically speaking, the album ‘When Ink Turns To Blood’ showcases influences from Nas, Eminem, Wutang, Evanescence, and The Fugees. With such slick wordplay and flow, there are so many collaborations in this record that is well worth a listen. Everything that helps you to keep your spirit strong is good. So, if you’re into contemporary spiritual music you are about to discover the greatest Rap songs for that purpose.



By Erick Ycaza

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