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5 Shop Fitting Ideas To Make Your Store Look Bigger



Make Your Store Look Bigger
Nobody likes to shop in a cramped and crowded store. If you own a small retail shop it is important to design it in such a way that it does not feel too stuffy. Often the space that you use for your shop may not have been planned for specifically that purpose. So, what do you do then? The goal is to arrange the settings in a way that makes the space not just more efficient but look larger as well. This might seem like a challenge but if you do it the right way, your efforts will be fruitful. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of tricks.

1. Keep the Store Neat and Tidy

After you have arranged all your fittings and furniture neatly and optimally make sure you keep it that way. Do not overcrowd your shelves or add too many signs and hoardings. Also keep the shop floor spick and span. Even a big store will look bad if it is not maintained regularly. Hire a maintenance staff if you can’t do it yourself. A neatly arranged store will also make it easier for you to locate your products.

2. Add Floor Length Mirrors

Mirrors have the inherent ability to create reflections. These reflections give your store the illusion of being larger and more elongated in size. So even if you don’t own a clothing store place mirrors strategically on the walls. Also mirrors reflect the light the falls on them. So, if your shop has limited options for ventilation then position the mirrors in such a way that it will disperse the light in various directions and make the store appear bright.

3. Make Use of The Space Overhead

If you are lucky enough to have high ceilings, don’t let it go to waste. Every tiny bit of space counts! Use this space to hang up sales offers and store information. This is particularly useful if your store is a narrow piece of property or has multiple rooms. This will help you use your vertical space more effectively and also free up space at eye level so it doesn’t look too congested. But be rational and functional in your design and at the same time make it look attractive. Not enough shelf space is one thing most store owners complain about. So, build vertical cabinets to showcase your products.

4. Use Minimal Furniture

The most important feature of any store is that there is enough of floor space for the buyers to navigate by. So, whether it’s a book store or a shoe store make sure the furniture is minimal and doesn’t get in the way because every extra fixture you add to it will only make your store smaller. Dinya shop fittings are a leading shop fitting store in Australia that offers valuable insights on store set-ups and layouts.

5. Use Light Paints and Floor Tiles and Adequate Lighting

Avoid painting the walls in dark coloured pastels. Dark walls make the space appear tiny. Make sure there is adequate space for natural light to enter through and the walls are bright and sunny. There is no point in having large windows if the walls are going to diffuse the sunlight. Opt for light colours like light green, blue, pink, shades of white, etc. Don’t go for brown or black. Use the same tactic for flooring as well. Also, try to add an adequate number of artificial lighting. LED lighting is an amazing alternative to natural sunlight. A bright and well-lit shop will add to its aesthetic appeal. Use the technique of an accented wall wherein you either paint or apply wallpaper or printed fabric on a single wall to make it look eye-catching.

Don’t miss out on the authenticity of your brand in the process of modeling your store. You can even hire a professional shop fitter if you’re running out of ideas.

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