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Alex Preston Interview 2014




Australia’s best Big Room/Electro House DJ and label boss Alex Preston answers some interesting questions about his music career and life.

1) Tell us about your musical background, how did you get into electronic music?

I started music when I was 8 years old playing in the school band, then as I got older when I got to high school I decided to play guitar because I thought it was cooler. I was fortunate enough to play guitar right through school with some really talented people so I learnt a bunch of different instruments like drums & keyboards. Then when I was about 19, a mate of mine asked me to play percussion with him while he DJ’d at a local club near where I live in Manly, Sydney. The DJ playing straight after us that night was Tommy Trash and he was like “Do you want to keep playing percussion with my set too?” and so I had this awesome first experience with electro music. This sort of triggered my love for electronic music and I got into it as sort of being a percussionist that played with DJs.

2) When your first record came out, what were you using to make music?

I was using Ableton at the time. I still do but sometimes I use logic for certain things as well. I think they both have their pro’s and con’s, you just need to make the most out them.

3) Have you ever tested your tracks in clubs before finishing them?

I do this all the time. I try and make music for my sets, it’s a great way of seeing what works and what doesn’t. It’s an awesome rush creating something in the studio and then being able to road test it the same day.

4) Your popular SoundCloud page have a lot of music up for streaming. Do you look at that as a way to drive download and ticket sales?

Yeah I think that it’s a great way for people to hear my music. I think that music has to be accessible for everyone to enjoy otherwise what’s the point in making it?!

5) How big is the Electro scene in Australia?

It’s pretty awesome here!! We don’t quite have the population here in Australia that US or Europe does (I think most of the big US cities nearly have more people in them than the whole of Australia combined), but there is a massive house scene here.

6) What’s the name of your latest release? Please describe its sound.

My latest record is called “Cookie”. It’s a big festival anthem, lots of big reverb and big saw synths!!

7) Why did you decide to start your own record label “Preston Recordings”?

I just love making dance music so I thought it was a good idea to run my own label!

8) Can artists send demos to you record label? Please tell us how.

Definitely! Send me your demos to [email protected] !

Alex Preston’s new record “Cookie” is out now on Beatport.

By Erick Ycaza

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