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Get To Know Analine And The Electrifying Sounds Of “aVaTaR”



Analine, an independent musical project hailing from France, is breaking boundaries and captivating audiences with the fusion of Pop, Rock, Jazz, and Electronica. Led by composer Nihil Sperantes and featuring the talented performers Myness, Leagan, and Aafried, Analine brings together a collective vision where each individual’s unique talents shine.

Nihil Sperantes, a former researcher in medieval history, adds a storytelling element to their music, drawing inspiration from personal experiences, social phenomena, books, and captivating characters. His ambition is to bridge the gap between the past and the present through the power of music.

While Analine’s music transcends the confines of traditional songs, this project invites listeners to delve into their electrifying tracks. The Electronica genre serves as a platform for Analine to shape sounds and rhythms with boundless freedom, all while adhering to a defined framework. Nihil Sperantes remains steadfast in his constant quest for musical progressiveness, as he pushes the boundaries of innovation.

Not so long ago, Analine released the highly anticipated single, “aVaTaR. This highly danceable Minimal Techno track serves as a thrilling prelude to their upcoming electronic EP, set to be released on June 15th, 2023.

The forthcoming EP, at the crossroads of Electronica, House, and Techno, boasts six captivating tunes that showcase Analine’s ability to mesmerize music lovers with a unique sound. Furthermore, Analine has exciting plans for future projects, including a Slap House cover of Blondie’s classic hit “Call Me,” which is slated for a summer release. With connections already made with French DJs, Analine’s tracks have already found their way into the sets of talented individuals, paving the way for even wider recognition.

Analine’s fusion of genres and its commitment to pushing musical boundaries have garnered them an ever-growing fan base and critical acclaim across underground circles.



By Erick Ycaza

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