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In Review: Sunterra – Reborn (Industrial Metal)



In Review: Sunterra - Reborn (Industrial Metal)

Sunterra is an Industrial Metal band from Austria. According to their Facebook fan page, their music is influenced by mystic vibes of the interaction between Earth and the Sun. So, today I wanted to try something different and decided to give a try to their new album ‘Reborn’. I must confess, this was the first time I ever heard of them, and what I liked from the beginning was the perfect amount of energy they put in each track. We should be open to everything, and I’m sure most of you have varied music tastes. It’s probably that you will end up loving this album if you are a fan of Nine Inch Nails, Rammstein, or Metallica. Some tracks are especially electronic music-oriented, while others are 100% hard rock tunes.

Let’s dive in with a track-by-track review:

1 – Regin Supreme The intro features a nice guitar piece mixed with Electronica synths, adding color to the track, which is, of course, dark music. Additionally, I like the singing female voice provided by Lilly in the background because it gives a certain balance to the growl of Carlos, who is the main vocalist of the band.

2 – Shadow In The Dark The track starts as a beautiful short ballad with a nice piano melody. YES! that’s correct a ballad… However, as the song is progressing you’ll clearly hear again heavy metal riffs and growls. Very interesting in my opinion!

3 – Lord of Lies Now, I see myself nodding my head up and down with the third track. I think the lyrics here are deep and meaningful. And I think there’s nothing wrong to question your faith.

4 – This Is W.A.R. Get ready to jump! Here’s my favorite track on this album! Sunterra goes Industrial Techno with a unique combination of synths, bass, metal drums and guitars. Besides that, it’s catchy and melodic. It talks about the current times of war and the fear caused by its consequences.

5 – Ministry of Thoughts A song that creates a dark atmosphere with its heavy chugging guitar riffs. This is the kind of masterful heavy-rock music that keeps the genre alive in my opinion.

6 – Shut Up!!! There’s a sense of mystery on the last track of the ‘Reborn’ album. Somehow, I found a lot of creativity in the process of making this tune + a contagious chorus that you can’t get out of your mind.



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