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Interview | Questions & Answers With Chris Beer



Chris Beer

You need to discover Chris Beer‘s music through his new single “Remember To Forget”. He’s an Austrian Singer and Songwriter whose charisma allows him to deliver uplifting performances. Not to mention, he merges elements of contemporary Pop, Soul, Folk, and even Reggae in his sound.

Plenty of metaphors, fears, and memories of the past, the song he’s currently promoting will reach your senses. Get all the details here!

1 — Hey Chris, thanks for your time. What is the message you want to convey with your song “Remember To Forget”?

The song wasn’t really written with anything in mind. Maybe it was a story or a feeling that I worked through in my dreams, or my relationships or the stories I read and hear about. I can’t really remember exactly. 🙂

I guess I am getting better at remembering to forget the information that isn’t that important. Many people have talked to me about the song, but none of them have actually asked what the message is. Usually, they just tell me what memories and emotions it triggers in them. When people are inspired and come up with associations and meanings that I had never been consciously aware of and could never have come up with by myself. Then I realize that the story/song has become bigger than the storyteller and that is a great feeling.

2 — Who inspired you to write its lyrics?

I enjoy reading poetry, quotes and listen to music, comedy, and stories of various styles. I enjoy art that exposes that contradictions can sometimes make sense. That solutions or perceptions that appear on opposite ends of the spectrum can make sense at the same time. I believe that the source of the rivers of comedy and drama are both found in the high places of the same mountain. A sad song, a moving story can make you feel happy at times when upbeat music can’t reach you and laughing about a horrible situation can be the best medicine for gaining strength to overcome a situation, where you have to be stronger than you ever thought you could be.

3 — What did you like the most about the experience of filming the visuals for this single?

I enjoyed the entire process. It was really easy to be honest. Veejay Justin Lynch special is the type of guy, who doesn’t talk very much, but when he does say something, you know he has thought about it at great length. I could tell right away that he felt a connection to the song. Shooting takes a lot of energy, so it is important to take things one step at a time. Kind of like the saying that you have to walk slowly if you want to get far. He is from the same fishing village where my mother was born. Like her, he has a special relationship with the ocean, as he is a shellfisherman and surfer.

Chris Beer Interview
4 – Do you consider yourself a nostalgic person?

I can be sentimental at times. I believe I am capable of experiencing intense emotions and find that experience rewarding. I see it as a gift that can also be a curse if I forget to take care of it. I can, for example, spend time with a lot of people and experience a lot of stimulation in a short amount of time, but then I need solitude or time with only family, close friends, art and music as a way to balance that out.
I believe that every person has many talents and inabilities and that they interact  We often have the tendency to assume that someone is either really talented or not. I don’t buy into that. I find that people that are often seen as extremely talented in one field often completely lack ability in other things, often things that seem very simple to most of us. I believe that if you look long enough and get to know a person well enough, you will discover that what they are extremely good at is often a result of coping with extreme inability in other things.

5 — In your opinion, are good singers born or made?

I have no idea how to answer that. Born or made doesn’t really matter to me. The sound of a voice, the way you articulate, pronounce and breathe is so unique.  It either hits you or it doesn’t. I prefer a voice with soul over a technically perfect one any day.

Chris Beer music
6 — Generally, how many instruments do you use per song?

My voice is my main Instrument. Mainly because I can vocalize what I hear in my head the fastest that way. I use guitar, bass, drum pads, voice effects, a loop station, and a synthesizer live.

7 — How has your music changed over the years?

My mother would always sing with me as a child. I would sometimes spend days communicating everything through singing. I then learned to play the Cello and took bass lessons later on. In high school, I had a great percussion teacher. I was heavily into hard rock, alternative rock, early Hip Hop and folk as a teenager and then became fascinated by roots music, especially dub, early ska, and reggae. At that point, I was very critical of electronic music. that changed when I worked with some balkan, electro swing and global beats artists from Germany and Austria.

8 — When did you start your artistic career?

I got to sing the high pitch solo in my primary school class choir and nailed it. It was in a venue with an amazing sound. I will never forget that. I had a cast at the time.

9 — Are there any live shows on your agenda for 2019?

I will be performing a lot in 2019, so please check my website to stay up to date.

10 — What do the upcoming months have in store for Chris Beer?

Besides the work I do with my solo project, which has continuously grown since I started 3 years ago, I really enjoy working on songs and lyrics for other artists. I have written songs for Rock, Electro, Pop, Jazz, and world music artists and I really enjoy writing songs in different genres.

I will definitely continue to do that as well, but I can not say to what extent it will be possible to fit that in this year as my schedule is filling up quicker every year. Besides the live shows, I have several new recordings and videos lined up. I don’t want to spill all the beans just yet, but it looks like I will be traveling and going to places and experiencing cultures I have never been to before. I am excited about that.


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Interview | Questions & Answers With Cultural Vultures



Cultural Vultures

Danny Schneider aka Cultural Vultures is hoping to become the opening act for Coldplay and Black Eyed Peas via Audacy’s new competition. The winner will perform in the biggest concert of the year at the Hollywood Bowl. Get to know the artist better through this interesting interview.

1 — Did you begin playing drums or guitar just as you hit your teens?

Guitar has been my go-to instrument of choice, although I love the piano as well. Drums have always been intriguing to me and love beats and movement. Music takes me to a different place. It opens up parts of my brain that normal thought can’t access.

2 — How have you changed musically over the years?

Well, when I was younger I would listen differently than I do now. I would definitely not overthink or overcomplicate a song and just love it for what it was. Now I’m listening to all of the delicate intricacies that make a song. The arrangement, the melodies. Figuring out the key by just listening. I try to pick out all of the subtle instruments in the songs that you don’t know you are hearing. The melody in a lyric, etc.

3 — What do all your songs have in common?

People have gotten away from albums. Now people listen to a single song because of the platform they are on. I’ll write an entire album and although each song is separate there is a flow and they are all connected by sound. My songs as a whole usually tell a story collectively throughout the album. I will also use the same theme musically. For instance, in my songs, I have a huge orchestral element that I wrote for each song. All of the songs on the albums will have this because even though it’s a Rock song, to me it has to flow with the album. Like a DJ in a club, the transition from one song to the next should be seamless.

4 — Which musician other than yourself have you ever wanted to be?

I don’t think anyone wants to be someone else. There are musicians I admire Like Brian Eno, Trent Reznor, Bjork, and Tricky. I’d say in my opinion Prince was the greatest guitarist the world has seen. Even better than Hendrix. Prince’s biggest downfall was he was brilliant in every instrument so it overshadowed how incredible a guitarist he was.

5 — Is “Catch Hell For Comfort” your all-time favorite song from your catalog?

I am proud of that song and it’s been the one most people know me for. It’s not my favorite though, there are a few I’ve written but haven’t released yet which inspire me and make me giddy at times. As far as ones I’ve written and released I’d say “Time”, or “Surreal Sister” would be my favorites. Time builds on itself like you are walking up a mountain, then in a moment it’s like you are caught in an avalanche and you are falling. “Surreal Sister” to me is a beautiful yet fast-paced song that I love.

6 — Who would you dedicate these lyrics to?

There are those in my past who’ve moved me or made me feel certain ways. I’ll just say they are real truths I’ve experienced in my life and leave it at that.

7 — Are you currently signed to a record label?

I was the first artist signed to WatchMojo’s new record label SoundMojo. They primarily released my music videos though not my albums. So I would say as far as that is concerned I’m not signed to a label.

8 — We know you’re running to open for Coldplay and Black Eyed Peas at the Hollywood Bowl. Please tell us more.

Well, I was picked with several other bands to open for both of those bands but it’s a voting thing. I would need my fans to vote on for it to happen. We will see what happens. I just love performing and getting lost in the music on stage.

9 — Do you have any special ritual to prepare your voice before performing live?

Haha, usually I’ll sing loud in my car trying to stretch those vocal muscles. Typically I’ll sing a lot of Mad Season songs, I’ve always loved Layne Staley’s voice.

10 — What else can we expect from Cultural Vultures for the rest of the year?

Well, I’m doing a couple more music videos, a live studio performance, and working on the fourth album. We will see what’s next, I’m always ready to keep working and living this adventure.



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The Two Fake Blondes Drop A String Of Hot Remixes, Full Interview Here



The Two Fake Blondes

The Two Fake Blondes is a husband-and-wife duo based in Seattle, Washington. Since the release of their debut album ‘Out Of The Darkness,’ they’ve been gaining momentum across the electronic music scene. In this interview, we discuss their recent remixes and much more…

1 — Why did you decide to release a string of the remixes?

We really wanted to continue to breathe life into our album, and we thought – what better way to do that than calling up a few of our awesome friends and asking them to offer their own interpretations to songs off of our album via a remix?!

2 — How did these collaborations take shape?

When ‘Out Of The Darkness’ was released last fall, we already had three out of the four artists in mind that we wanted to get involved on remix duty. So in that process, we reached out and asked them to choose a song from the album that stuck out to them. Each of them came back with a song choice and really meaningful reasons on why they chose the song that they did. On the fourth remix, Sherm actually reached out to us explaining how much “Alone” spoke to him on a personal level and how instantly he knew he wanted to remix it.

3 — From a production standpoint, were things done drastically different with each remix?

Yes, each remix was drastically different from the original, which we loved! The most consistent aspect was Hannah’s vocal, but otherwise, everyone tapped into their own magnificent creative workflow and delivered remixes that blew us away. We couldn’t be happier with each one.

4 — All of them sound pretty dope, which one is good for clubs and festivals?

We’ve got Sherm’s Tech-House remix, which is guaranteed to go off at the clubs. Yabe’s Deep House would be a sick poolside party track. Deadman’s Future House remix would surely blow the speakers out on a festival stage and finally, you’ve got Neon Feather’s epic Synthwave/House track that you could listen to literally anywhere. It’s such a good range!

5 —How would you describe your role during the creative process?

When it came to these remixes, we just took our hands off the wheel and handed the keys over to the remixers. Because we were fans of each of their music already, (and had already worked with some) we knew we wouldn’t be getting anything less than fantastic from each of them. We did make tweaks for the final mixes, but otherwise, it was all them.

6 — What philosophy guides your music career?

Hard work and joy. We love to hustle and work hard, it’s literally in each of our DNA – it’s so fun for us! We love seeing results, we love reaping the rewards BUT at the end of the day – are we healthy? Are we burnt out? How is our marriage? We also try to see everything we do music-wise through our fans’ points of view. There’s nothing that makes us happier (when it comes to music) than being up on stage sharing incredible moments with the audience and getting to chat with them after. We’re here to give them an escape and hopefully enhance their lives in some way, big or small. We try to recreate that with our social media experience as well. We love our music fam!

7 — Do you believe being a husband-wife duo makes things easier while working together at the studio?

We’ve built our relationship on mutual respect, trust, and communication. We had no idea how much these traits would translate into the studio! We both also know each of our strengths so we don’t need to step on each other’s toes. We take credit for everything together equally, even if at the end of the day we know who did what. Haha! Ego is always left at the door when we head into the studio.

8 — Have you ever worked on solo projects separately?

Yes, Pete was just Petey Mac for a long time, producing House and Tech-House. Hannah was actually a Country music artist (Hannah Michelle Weeks) for almost two decades!

9 —So far, what’s the best feedback you’ve received about your debut album ‘Out Of The Darkness’?

Besides the positive comments from our fans on social media and personal stories from our remixers, I think the coolest thing has been seeing how many “saves” the songs are getting on Spotify. We all know, you really really have to like a song to make the effort to hit that heart! We’ve had so many amazing blog write-ups as well and feel so abundantly grateful for our supporters in the press.

10 — Musically speaking, what are your plans for the upcoming months?

We are actually having a baby in about 6 weeks! We are going to take some time off of social media and really soak up these last few weeks before parenthood begins – we cannot wait to meet our baby boy! For the rest of the year, we will be writing and working on brand new music for 2023 and working on booking our Summer tour for 2023 as well.



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Exclusive Interview: Echo Xray On New Melodic Gem, “Last Time (VIP)”



Echo Xray

Phoenix-based producer Echo Xray talks with Electro Wow about his latest gem “Last Time (VIP).” Featuring irresistibly melodic production, this track gives you strong Seven Lions and Crystal Skies vibes. If you’re curious to learn more about it, read our exclusive interview.

1 — How would you describe your signature sound to someone who has never heard you before?

My signature sound is ethereal, emotional, and climactic. It’s definitely cathartic. I try to make your heart explode out of your chest in a lot of the songs I make. I usually like to blend vocals, a big wall of sound drops, and heavy basses to achieve that.

2 — What message is your song “Last Time (VIP)” passing to listeners?

I think everyone can interpret art in different ways but when I listen to “Last Time” the message I get is, “just fucking go for it.”

3 — Would you say lyrics are more important than the music?

I never really listen to the words and what the vocalist is saying. I always hear the notes they sing, how they sing them, and how the tones of everything together make me feel. I feel like that probably makes me a better writer but I definitely don’t pretend to be a lyricist haha. So my answer would be that music is more important.

4 — I would like to know the meaning of the cover art. What are your thoughts on it?

The cover art is amazing and one of my favorites I’ve ever put out. It gives that feeling of looking out into the world and feeling small against the grand scale of nature. It gives a sense of wonder and adventure which I feel always makes the music sound better when experienced from that perspective.

5 — Can you reveal the name of the vocalist behind this great tune?

She’s pursuing a solo career so we agreed she won’t be named for this track!

6 — Do you have any dream collaborations in mind?

The first artists that come to mind would be Seven Lions or Crystal Skies. I think they’re both great and we could tell an amazing story together for sure. My fingers are crossed that I one day get that opportunity! Also for Drum & Bass, I would love to work with Metrik or Sub Focus one day. They’re both artists I think are really killing it in DnB and do it in a way I can really appreciate with challenging production and great writing.

7 — Do you think you’ll stick forever to Melodic Dubstep and DnB or go into a different direction in the near future?

I definitely want to stick to mostly Melodic Dubstep and occasionally DnB. Those are the genres that really resonate with me and I love exploring them. I’ve always wanted to genre blend some Pop-Punk or Metal vocalists into DnB because I think it would sound amazing. Hopefully, I get that opportunity one day.

8 — Are you still inspired by Seven Lions and Crystal Skies? What makes their music so special?

I’m still very much inspired by Seven Lions and Crystal Skies. I think they’re the best at telling a story that’s similar to what I like to tell. Emotional, powerful, with challenging production, and with great melodies. One thing I also really like about Seven Lions is the darkness he has. I think it’s incredibly common for Melodic Bass producers to start putting out some cheesy Pop songs but his stay pretty dark and gritty and that’s another reason he’s one of my favorites.

9 — What do you miss the most about your time in the Air Force?

Anyone who has seen what I look like knows that a career in the military is not for me haha but the cool thing about the military is that it’s tough times for everyone but it brings everyone together. I went through a lot of crappy times but when you go through them with awesome people you never forget friends like that. You end up having a special lifelong friendship with these people, especially people you deploy with.

I’d say that’s what I miss the most for sure.

10 — Is there anything else you would like to share with us?

Hey everyone please support me and stream my music so I can hopefully one day quit my day job.



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