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Laybe Interview 2016



Laybe Interview 2016
Born in 1990, Laybe approaches to music very young, fascinated by EDM music and the nightlife. He has collaborated with the most important crews around (Golden Beach, Royale, etc.) In 2010 finally starts to produce his own music, working at the Black Diamond Studio with a new project. In september 2013 came the first international gigs, Kultura (Chorzow) and Chocolate (Krakow) both in Poland, then it’s the turn of Alcatraz (Milan), Just Cavalli (Milan), Hollywood (Milan) , La Capannina di Franceschini (Forte dei Marmi) and Soho Hotel (London) at the New Years Eve party. As you can notice he got a lot of experience in music, and the best way to know more about Laybe, is with this interview!

1 – When and how did you become involved in music?

My passion for music comes from the very early years of my life. I have started performing as a DJ at the age 16, taking part in various discopub preshows; after that, I have performed in discotheques. Nowadays I usually play as guest DJ in several clubs and EDM festivals.

2 – Which software do you use to create your music?

I mainly work with Logic for the preproduction and composition stage. Once the track is ready I use Pro Tools for the postproduction steps, such as mixing and mastering.

3 – What is the story behind the new single – “I Won’t Break”?

I produce my music at Black Diamond Studio, a big recording studio based in Genova, Italy. The concept of the studio is to allow producers to find their own space to develop their musical ideas. I spend most the week there working on my music and this is how usually I produce my tracks: I sit down in front of a Mac, a keyboard and good speakers and I start playing music, listening to music and keeping myself updated with what is going on in the music industry. Therefore, I start producing music, developing projects and trying to convert in music what I have in my mind. This is how my music usually borns and this is also the case of my new single.

4 – Will you be going on tour to promote the new release?

There will be a promotional mini-tour to present the new album in Romania, Poland and Italy.

5 – What’s your view on getting high at raves and EDM festivals?

I hope most of the people who attend big festivals or EDM raves come because of their passion for music without the need of taking drugs to have fun. Music should be enough to have fun. Anyway, this problem is not only of EDM festivals..

6 – How often do you collaborate with other artists? Have you learned something from these collaborations?

I often collaborate with artists such as producers, DJ’s and composers.

7 – Who is the most hated/loved EDM DJ in the world?

I am not in the right position for judging other artists’ music. Each artist expresses his music in the best possible way.

8 – What’s your biggest dream?

My biggest dream would be to perform in the best world music festival such as Tomorrowland, Ultra Music Festival, Amsterdam Dance Event and many more.

edm festival

9 – What would you do if you could change the music industry?

I think that major labels should give a bigger support to young artists who deserve to be part of the world music scene, helping them to develop their own projects.

10 – How can people hire your DJ services?

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