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Swedish Songwriter Lupus J. And His Pop Gem “Little Brother”



Swedish songwriter
Lupus J.
is a Swedish songwriter and producer who, although he writes seriously addictive tunes, prefers that others take the lead vocal. For “Little Brother, released in January of this year, he crafted deeply emotive lyrics paired with acoustically-driven melodies meant to encourage perseverance in tough times.

A Melody That Wraps Around Your Heart

While the melody wraps around your heart like a warm hug, the simple yet impactful production reflects Lupus J.’s approach.

Making music is his way to unwind from everyday stresses. As an artist who dreams through his craft, he’s been influenced since his early days by the iconic Rock/Pop sounds of the 80s.

For instance, acts like Deep Purple have sparked his creative direction through the years in this artistic venture.

A Profound yet Accessible Message

For “Little Brother,” the Swedish songwriter crafted an earworm about believing in yourself against all odds. Its radio-ready Pop sound, paired with heartfelt vocals, gives the track crossover appeal to inspire many.

What’s most impressive is Lupus J.’s ability to infuse profound messages of perseverance into such an accessible, feel-good jam.

Using Music to Spread Hope

Clearly, Lupus J. pours his heart into his songwriting as an outlet and way to spread hope. Even if he lets others take the mic, his melodies and lyrics do the inspiring work.

For anyone in need of an uplifting soundtrack to keep pushing forward, “Little Brother” is sure to become an unforgettable composition. Its message, and Lupus J.’s dedication to using music to empower, remind us all to never give up amidst continuing challenges.



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