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Trance Music Girl Denise Rivera Joins Forces With Alan Morris



The incredibly talented Trance music girl, Denise Rivera, has teamed up with the renowned producer and DJ, Alan Morris, to bring you a vocal anthem titled “One Day At A Time. And it’s going to be your new obsession!

The Creative Force Behind Transistic Records

Alan Morris, who hails from Germany, is not just any producer, he’s the mastermind behind Transistic Records. This label always releases underground club hits that get the Trance community talking.

Not to mention, his style is all about energy and intensity, and “One Day At A Time” is no exception. The moment you hit play, you’ll feel those electronic beats coursing through your veins, making you want to throw your hands up in the air like there’s no tomorrow.

Trance music girl

Denise Rivera: The Trance Music Girl with Bolivian Roots

Now, let’s talk about Denise Rivera, our Trance music girl with Bolivian roots who now calls the Netherlands home. Denise’s vocal prowess is nothing short of spectacular. Indeed, she has also collaborated with big names in the industry like Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, Aly & Fila, etc.

I love how she can effortlessly switch from delicate whispers to powerful, soaring notes, especially in the climax of any composition.

Without question, her voice is a perfect match for this genre, and her lyrics resonate deeply with her followers.

One Day At A Time

Music Video for “One Day At A Time” Shot in Dusseldorf

On a side note, the music video for “One Day At A Time” was shot in the stunning city of Dusseldorf. It features both Alan and Denise, adding a visual treat to the already mesmerizing audio experience.

The city’s vibrant backdrop perfectly complements the dynamic essence of this banger. To put it in another way. it’s a collaboration that showcases the best of both worlds.

With this in mind, please enjoy Alan Morris’s electrifying sound design and of course Denise Rivera’s haunting vocals.



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