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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Layton Giordani



10 Things You Didn't Know About Layton Giordani

Few can say they’ve had a career quite like Layton Giordani. A Techno DJ/Producer with a vast selection of interesting tracks and admired across the underground scene. He connects with the past, present, and future in this interview. Sincerely, he reveals everything below!

1 – You’re from New York, but have been spending a lot of time in Europe – has this been beneficial for your career? If so, how?

Oh, of course, it’s so beneficial. I think when you move around other parts of the world and share/connect with people who have similar taste in our music, you really learn so much more. Not just about music, but about yourself and who you are as well. I recently moved to Amsterdam and it’s given me to the chance to perform all around Europe. It’s amazing to see new faces and meet new people along the way.

2 – What DJ equipment did you use at the beginning of your career, in comparison to what you use now? Has this evolved with technology?

I’ve always used pioneer CDJ’s. Back when they first had CDJ’s it was a bit more difficult to beat match and you couldn’t see the waveforms but, it was still obviously easier than vinyl. Also, you had to bring a big bag of cd’s because that was the only format available for CDJ’s (still, easier than vinyl). Fast forward to now, they are amazing. So many new functions especially with the integration they made with Rekordbox and flash drives. I’ve recently switched to the Xone-92 mixer a few years back and added a boss reverb and delay pedal for some nice external effects. Contemplating on adding something new but I haven’t decided yet.

3 – Do you think the release “Careless Suggestions” catapulted your name into the limelight? If so, why?

“Carless Suggestions” was really what kick started my name. It received support from people like Carl Cox, Deadmau5, Pan Pot, Joseph Capriati and a lot more. It was also one of my first releases! You never know what the reaction is going to be like when you make and release a track, you can only hope that it gets the kind of support that mine did. I am very thankful, as it’s now taken me to where I am today.

4 – Will you release a new album in February with “Where It Begins”. Can you give us a breakdown of the tracks?

Sure, well to start it’s a collection of 12 tracks that took around 2 years in total to make really. In this album, I tried my best to make it all diverse as possible. So for instance tracks like “Euphoria” and “Dragonfly” are more dance orientated and really club friendly. Others like “Fire Eyes” and “Turn It Around” are really meant for peak time festival or big room vibes. Then we have tracks like “Good Violence” and “Tigerlilly”, those really give off a closing vibe where the night is coming to an end in a melodic way. I’ve also got 2 ambient/electronica bits in there too for DJ tools or just something to chill out to.

5 – How would you describe its sound?

I would say on this album the sound is very emotional and diverse. I always try to manipulate vocals in a way that when added with bassline and synths it creates a lot of vibes, whether happy, sad, or euphoric.

6 – Do you think is it a good idea to share albums for free?

In a perfect world, I wish all music was free, not just albums, but we as producers have to make a living somehow, otherwise how would we be able to give away all our spare time to make music full time for us and others to enjoy 🙂

7 – You just announced you are playing Awakenings – it’s one of the biggest festivals for Techno in the world – what are your expectations? Are you nervous with such a huge audience?

Ah, my expectations are nothing less than amazing. Those guys are top notch in every aspect. It can be a little nerve racking I guess, but in all honesty, it’s the excitement I’m feeling at most. There’s nothing like that butterfly sensation in your belly before playing a smashing Techno set in front of thousands of ravers 😉

8 – What do you prefer producing a new track or remixing for other artists?

I like both but I prefer originals. That way the sky is the limit when you have an empty canvas to paint on in whatever way you’d like.

9 – Are there any songs you look back and wish you hadn’t done or had done differently?

There’s plenty of tracks that I always listen to and go “Hmm, I could have fixed those hi-hats or made this a bit more louder” but all in all as far as wishing I haven’t done? No, I think it’s all a part of the learning process.

10 – Given this is just the start of your career, and already you have many great achievements. What’s your ultimate goal as a DJ?

Just to continue to do what I do, play for tons of people around the world and continue to grow as an artist. Most importantly, to stay humble and not let the success get to me.


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