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“Galley,” The New Single By Experimental Electronic Artist Timur Haziev



Timur Haziev‘s ‘Odissi’ album is an experimental audio journey from the ancient past to the distant future in which he transformed the eternal path of humanity into a dance with God.

Timur Haziev is a Tatar London-based music producer, generative music researcher, and digital art experimentator. London College of Music alumni Timur has produced music under several pseudonyms and lately decided to release a debut album under his real name. In past years, Timur led the development of a generative music digital product, researched sonification methods and appliances in art projects, and experimented with generative audio and digital visual art.

Timur Haziev
On ‘Odissi’, his debut, Timur’s music experiments go through a wide genre spectrum from Techno, Industrial, and Uk Garage to Lo-Fi abstract Trap and Downtempo – odyssey through the history of electronic music. His music is a collage that blends synth harmonies, noise-infected textures, glitchy percussions, and multi-genre electronic beats.

Timur is armed with the principles of semiology and immerses the listener in the imaginary visual, the sequence of journey scenes inspired by Homer, Dante, Joyce, and Kubrick.



By Erick Ycaza

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