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Interview | Questions & Answers With Beca



Interview | Questions & Answers With Beca
Los Angeles-based artist Beca discusses making her Electro Pop song “In Deep Love”. In my view, she’s an awesome artist who deserves way more attention. She took the time to chat with us and shares a small part of her story. Without exaggeration, it’s impossible for me not to declare myself a new Beca fan! ?

1 – First of all, what does electronic music mean to you in life?

Music as a whole has come to define me as a person in an elemental way. Since I started creating electronic music after I studied classical and jazz, I associate it with the freedom to move, to be yourself, break rules, do what you want, and be who you want to be. I love that it’s constantly evolving as technology and awareness advance. There are also endless sonic possibilities. It means having the ability to lift people higher.

2 – Are there some mainstream artists that have influenced your sound?

There’s so many but to name a few I grew up listening to Prince, The Cure, Madonna, Aaliyah, Janet Jackson, Giorgio Moroder, Ella Fitzgerald, Trent Reznor, and Deee-lite.

3 – Why did you decide to move to Los Angeles? Are there better opportunities for musicians?

I’ll always be a New Yorker at heart, but I had been there my whole life and was ready to try something new. A lot of my east coast friends were starting to move to LA at the time — so after coming out here to play a show and do some recording sessions, I knew I was ready to make a big change. The music scene is very vibrant, the arts and music community is super supportive, and so much of the entertainment industry is based here. It’s been a great choice for me and just feels right.

Beca interview
4 – How important is fashion to you?

I’ve always loved fashion…it’s another extension of how we express ourselves. To me, the visuals are an integral part of my music, which is probably why I enjoy making videos so much! I remember going shopping in the city when I was in high school with my aunt and crying over a dress by Patricia Field that I just HAD to have but couldn’t afford at the time. I love having a vision and making it come to life with both sounds and images.

5 – I enjoyed watching the music video for your latest single “In Deep Love”. How did you prepare yourself for the shooting of this clip?

Glad you dug it! I started talking to Jayson Martinovich (who directed the video) about what we felt was important to say with this piece. We discussed the feelings, colors, and concepts we wanted to portray. Since the song is really about loving kindness, both to yourself and the person you’re letting go of, I knew I wanted to make a bold statement with the video. He already had a cage as a prop and we had to use it because the song is so much about being caged by your feelings and finally breaking out of it. Red is a symbol of power and I wanted to feel like I was stepping back into my own power even while doing something as challenging as leaving someone I loved. The gold represents the inner light of strength we all possess, even in times of darkness. It’s a reminder to myself that I’m strong even when I don’t feel like I am. From the beginning it was clear we needed a dancer, and Kyle Thomas Shea was perfect for the role and added so much flair and pizzazz to getting our message across. I got really lucky with my whole crew, it came together fairly seamlessly and was one of the most fun shoots I’ve been on.

6 – What was the participation of Luxxury and Fabian Ordorica in this song?

They co-wrote and co-produced the song. I originally wrote it remotely with Luxxury while I was still living in NY. After moving to LA, we got back into it and brought in Fabian to help bring the project home. It was an awesome combination; they’re both such talented and great people.

7 – Was this single planned ahead of time for Valentine’s Day? 

Once the New Year hit and the video was finished, I realized Valentine’s Day would be the perfect time to release the video. It ties into having not only love for someone else, but also love and commitment for doing what’s best for yourself. It felt important to focus on the fact that a lot of people can struggle with feeling alone during this holiday, myself included. It’s kind of a shout out to say, hey it’s gonna be ok.

Beca interview
8 – What things make you fall in deep love with someone?

It’s something that’s hard to explain. When someone shows me the type of person they are and are kind and honest. When they are always there and continue to show up. When they respect and cherish me. When I see beauty in their flaws, and love them anyway, and they do that for me. When I know that my life will be better with them in it and don’t want to spend another second apart. Guess I’m a total romantic!

9 – Is there something different you would like to try as an artist in the future?

I would like to take my live shows into art space and create sound installation experiences for people to interact with. I’m also really interested in creating music for virtual and augmented reality and film. And of course I have a long list of people I’d love to collaborate with.

10 – What’s next for Beca in 2018?

I’ve been working new music with some amazing people and there’s a lot more to come – including a Remix EP out next month. Very excited about all of it!



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