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Felony Domestic Violence — Everything You Need To Know



Felony Domestic Violence — Everything You Need To Know
It is a crime where a family or a member of the family commits a serious act of violence against another member of the family. These laws apply to a broad range of relationships. It is one of the serious crimes, which can be done between who are dating. It can also be done between parents and child in a single family or a member of one family with another member of the family.

If you are facing domestic violence felony, you should hire one of the best lawyers who will serve you in these cases. As you know, there are many lawyers here, but it is sometimes compulsory to choose the experienced high lawyer having bright past in these types of cases. Now, we will discuss here the Top Felony Domestic Violence lawyers with strong and high recommendations.

Adam Horwitz:

Adam Horwitz is one of the best and famous lawyers of domestic violence and getting success for many years. He has 30 years’ experience in this field and has already many clients who are very happy to see his hard work and efforts. His working style is so effective that every client is happy with his hard work and his kindness and polite behavior with clients. He specifically handles the domestic violence cases. His all past client gives positive reviews for them and mention that Adam is a very hard-working man and has a broad knowledge of the law. Clients do recommend all to work with this man. Adam is very kind and polite. His average rating is ten dues to the kind attitude with all clients.

domestic violence
Marianne Brown:

Marianne is the one of best and famous Felony Domestic Violence lawyer who is working in this field since many years. They already have many clients who are very happy with his kind behavior. Their average rating is nine dues to his polite behavior with all clients. She specially handles the domestic violence cases and is getting success in almost all of the cases. Her all past clients are so happy that they always give the positive reviews for her mentioning that they are pleased to work with such a kind and polite lady and are impressed to see her interest for all clients.

John Brennan:

John Brennan is also one of the best and famous lawyers, who are serving the clients of Philadelphia and they are all delighted to see his work. Their average rating is ten dues to his kind attitude with all clients with positive reviews. Clients say that he is indeed very hard-working man and have a broad knowledge about law. They recommend all to work with this man. John is very kind and polite.

He specially handles the Demotic Violence cases for the clients, and his clients are happy to work with him. He has 25 years of the bright experience in this field and has a broad knowledge about domestic violence cases.

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SCANDAL! Die Antwoord Homophobic Harassment Video Goes Viral




Die Antwoord homophobic
The music career of Die Antwoord could be on the verge of collapse. Sadly, homophobia and discrimination remain in this 21st century. Below you can watch a video recorded in 2012 at Adelaide’s Future Music Festival in which you can see the duo harassing Andy Butler of Hercules & Love Affair. Personally, I think it’s unacceptable to hear them say: “Run, fa**ot, run! Run for your life b*tch.” Recently, music bloggers and even Die Antwoord’s fans have rejected their horrific attitude. Not to mention, they have been pulled from several festival line ups across America. This could serve as a lesson for other public figures who have negative attitudes and feelings toward homosexuality. We need artists that promote peace not violence.



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Best Way To Learn Music? Online Lessons!




Best Way To Learn Music? Online Lessons!
There are good reasons why every parent wants their children to learn how to play music: it leads to considerable improvements in cognitive development, and playing a musical instrument is one of life’s greatest joys. People of all ages should play, and thankfully learning has never been easier.

Whereas in the past you had to physically go to the local music teacher, who was simply the guy with posters on the telephone poles near you, the internet has changed the game. Let’s take a look at all the reasons why learning music online is the best.

Unparalleled Teacher Selection

When you’re learning to play music, it’s very important that your personality and musical inclinations are in sync with your teacher. When you take live online music lessons today you’ll find that you’re more likely to find a teacher who is the right match.

Now, video and audio equipment is ubiquitous, and anybody can teach from anywhere in the world. You don’t need expensive gear: a device with a screen, video, and a microphone can get the job done.

online music lessons
Perhaps you and your teacher both like classical music, but what if their focus is on modern avant-garde composers and you want to play baroque fugues? You’ll have significantly more options to choose from when you look for teachers online, which helps you find a specialist in your chosen niche.

Unbeatable Convenience

Our daily lives are so busy in this modern age, that “what would you do with an extra hour?” is a commonly asked question. When you take lessons online it spares you having to commute, and you can spend this time practicing music instead of remaining stuck in traffic or sitting on a busy bus.

online lesson
If the online lesson is 40 minutes long, then 40 minutes is the entire amount of time that gets consumed from your life. Freeing up the time immediately before and after the lesson is especially important. The best time to practice happens to be right before your lesson, so your fingers get limber and you freshen up on the material, and immediately after, when the lesson is still foremost in your mind.

Did you remember to bring to your lesson all your music books and equipment, such as a metronome or tuner? When you take lessons online, you don’t need to transport an instrument or class materials. This saves you from having to physically lug these things around town, and a lesson will never be spoiled because you didn’t have everything you need to play.

Music: A Life-Long Gift

Whether your goal is to play Carnegie Hall, at your local bar with friends, or simply alone to amuse yourself, taking music lessons will give you the tools to enjoy a lifetime of pleasure. Not only does playing music enrich your life, it also changes the way you hear and appreciate music.

music learning
Being able to play music is one of life’s greatest privileges; given how many people want to learn how to play and how much time we all spend in front of a screen, it makes perfect sense to bring these two things together and learn how to play music online today.

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Behind The Mask: New Documentary On DeadMau5




Documentary On DeadMau5

Guest post by Jorge Ramos

The great DeadMau5 has teamed up with the people from Tidal, a streaming music platform, in order to do and release a new documentary about him. The piece is now available exclusively on their platform and is about the artist’s last presentation during the 2019 Ultra Music Festival in Miami, Florida.

Joel Zimmerman has been in the industry for a long time, since 1998 he’s been working on the plates, but only got to mix and produce his first album during 2005, “Get Scraped”. A year later “Vexillology” both with little information on the internet about the sales, mainly because he was known online, but wasn´t in the public eye.

deadmau5 documentary
After 2 years, the producer launched” Random Album Title” being internationally claimed. The song “Brazil” has been sampled by many artists, such as Kylie Minogue, and reached number 3 on the UK Official Charts Company during 2008. “For Lack of a Better Name” was dropped during September 2009, and made it even better reaching UK #1 dance album.

“4×4=12” was released in 2010, under Virgin Records, one hour and ten minutes of progressive House and techno house music, that received a 66 out of 100 by Metacritic, although it was recognized didn’t scale that high on the charts.

During 2012 he released “Album Title goes here”, which had the same lunch as the preview’s album. But 2 years later in 2014, he dropped “While 1 is less than 2” the album was critically acclaimed Billboard gave it a 4,5/5, and Spin an 8/10, making it to the No.1 both in the US and UK dance/ Techno Charts. The next record was “W:/2016Album/” was dropped in 2016 with a regular performance overall.

His music is famous and so are his remixes. If you are one to bet in the NFL odds, you probably heard his cover of Rope, a remix from the Foo Fighters original, being played during the commercials throughout the last seasons.

Being as famous and notorious as he is, the Canadian DJ, producer and composer has reached global renown. That’s why there’s this new documentary coming out, it is called “Wild Things: Life Inside The mau5trap” and it’s a 25-minute piece about his last show during Ultra Music Festival in Miami, Florida.

The film, made by the music streaming platform TIDAL, “shows rare behind-the-scenes footage and exploring the musical perspectives and processes of the mau5trap collective” according to the site Mixmag. They added that they’d show the whole group, featuring artists such as Rinzen, Monstergetdown, No Mana, Jay Robinson, and Zimmerman himself.

The documentary is especially looking to give us an optic in the building of his career, how the big mouse head is now global icon not related uniquely to Disney’s mascot, Mickey Mouse. That’s worth mentioning, they had a legal dispute that was settled out of court.

The iconic Mau5head, is so famous that is playable and appears as an Easter egg in many videogames, such as Rocket League. Most of the concerts he plays are attended by thousands of people wearing a copy of said headwear.

Going back to Deadmau5’ career he’s been in a little pause after a rough couple of years. In October of 2018, he twitted comments that were taken as “blatantly homophobic and transphobic” and had to apologize later on.

A few days after the incident he commented during a gaming stream that a track made by Slushii was “AIDS Music” and that for him it was “Autistic Sh?=”, to which Slushii didn´t hesitate to respond and said it was very disappointing for him. Zimmerman had to publicly apologize for it too.

And most lately in February 2019, the DJ was banned from the gaming streaming platform Twitch for hate speech after throwing homophobic slurs at a player. It happened during a match of Battle Royale in the Unknown Battlegrounds.

Controversy apart, his career and music are still there to enjoy. The DJ’s new Documentary is now available only in TIDAL and it might be a very interesting segment about a nonetheless iconic figure of the Electronic Genre.

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Make Your Corporate Party Unforgettable With Circus Acts For Hire




circus acts for hire
The circus reminds us of something fun and exciting and, at the same time, a bit nostalgic because it reminds us of childhood when we mostly enjoyed performances and acrobatics. And most people probably think that corporate events can’t fit into the same context with circus entertainment, but they are wrong.

Business owners and executives organize corporate events for several reasons. Gatherings outside the company are an excellent way of strengthening corporate culture. People seeing each other in a more relaxed atmosphere than the office can get along better than when someone is supervising them all the time.

If you want to create a great party that your guests will remember for a long time, think about circus acts for hire. That’s something you can’t see often. Your invitees will be pleasantly surprised with the show, as something outstanding that pops out of the dull routine of organizing corporate events.

Themed Party

Whether you have an in-house party planner or you hire an agency to help, you can always suggest your ideas on how to make your event unforgettable. Depending on what your goal is and who are the guests, party organizers can come up with the topic of the gathering.

Circus acts are not suitable for events that require focus and full attention, like seminars, presentations, or award ceremonies. These performers are a better fit with the informal gathering, with a goal to have fun, relax, and create better connections between colleagues and business associates.

Some casual get-togethers can be in the form of a themed party. It should represent a company culture and, at the same time, be exciting and fun. This type of party suits for minor companies, with a friendly atmosphere and tight relations among employees. Bigger organizations prefer more formal events, but they can sometimes make an exception and let their employees and associates have fun and relax.

Victorian Theme

You planned a casual event, but without too much noise or excitement. One suggestion can be a Victorian party, which can be a great option for events like auctions or fundraisings. You can hire jugglers, mime artists, or living statues.

living statue
These artists perform independently, without the participation of the audience. Whether inside or outside, you can revive decadent Victorian period with circus acts reminding of how people entertained back in the days.

Carnival or Circus Theme

If you want to have a family-friendly corporate event, you can opt for a carnival-themed party. In this case, you can stage a real spectacle with magicians, fire dancers, acrobats, or any other type of entertainers. Think of renting the tent or an open space suitable for an improvised fair.

Some performers, such as already mentioned mime artists, living statues, or human tables, can wade through the crowd. More active artists with additional equipment will need a particular stage or space to do tricks and acrobatics. This segment of your corporate event can be announced, and you can leave it as a surprise.

Playing with Fire

playing with fire
Artists who use fire in their performances are a spectacle. While people will be delighted with their flame play, guest safety and space safety should be a priority for a party organizer. Generally, fire performers are not a good option for corporate events that take place indoors. There is always the risk of a flame getting in touch with some hazardous material or substance.

However, if you still want a fire spectacle indoors, cooperate only with reputable agencies whose performers are fully insured and who deliver full safety equipment. Check the area where you plan to stage the show and make sure there are enough fire extinguishers.

Ask a company to send someone to check the place before the party. If the experts estimate it’s not safe to perform a show for some reason, you can find many other circus acts that can be a decent replacement for fire artists. A full list of circus performances is on this link.

There is no doubt that your business event will attract a lot of attention if you organize an impressive party for the guests. It can be a great way to promote and bring other benefits to the company if you succeed in having an outstanding corporate event.

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10 Benefits Of Music In Our Schools




music education

Guest article written by Bobby Sanchez.

In the age when digitalization is changing everything from future workplaces and occupations to the way we educate children, art and music become even more critical. Even the companies at the forefront of Artificial Intelligence like Chinese Alibaba give music a special place in education. Alibaba founder Jack Ma said: “I think we should teach our kids sports, music, painting – the arts – to make sure that they are different. Everything we teach should make them different from machines.”

10 Benefits Of Music In Our Schools
Even without the threat of being replaced with AI machines, there are significant benefits of music education. Music in schools can positively impact students in many levels, and we made a list of 10 most significant benefits of music in our schools.

Importance of music education

Music education can spark success in other subjects. The study showed that students that played music instruments had improved brain development. Benefits of music education are numerous, and here are some of the most important.

1. Improved test scores
Programs with an excellent music education can amp up your test scores in other subjects. A study showed that the students involved in some sort of musical education achieve better SAT scores. The 20% difference is quite an improvement and should not be overlooked.

2. Better cognitive skills
Music education can boost students spatial intelligence, which means they have improved the ability to visualize elements that go together. This can be helpful in math, art, engineering, and computer problems. This can make students highly effective.

Importance of music education
3. Increased memory capacity

Playing music and improvising, or just following the sheet, students that practice is playing an instrument use memory to perform. Similar to muscle memory in sports, actual brain memory used in music can benefit students greatly in their academic chores.

4. Coordination mastery
Playing an instrument is a skill, and practicing playing a guitar or piano (or any other instrument) can improve hand-eye coordination. It will also benefit the motor skills, which translates ideally into studying skillset.

5. Language development
Musical education has a direct impact on language skills because it develops specific parts of the brain and the way information is processed, which improves language skills like reading, literacy, and reading comprehension. If you struggle with literature assignments, EduBirdie AU can help when student life becomes too complicated or overwhelming.

6. Become more creative
Playing music instruments lights up many parts of the brain. This results in various benefits, and one of them is a spark in creativity. Music education enhances creative, critical, and abstract thinking. It helps with problem-solving, as well as with improvisations.

math skills
7. Math skills

This coincides with spatial intelligence improvement, but since math is base for so many fields, it’s worth mentioning that music education improves math skills. Percussion and rhythm instruments are especially effective in achieving better math results.

8. Social intelligence and development
There are several ways music education improves social status. Besides the apparent benefits of self-esteem and boost in social interactions, music develops an appreciation for other people. Musical education emphasizes supporting each other and striving for a common goal, which, in the end, plays a significant role in emotional intelligence.

9. Reducing stress

Listening, as well as active participation in music, can significantly reduce stress level. Music is one of the joys people have, and it’s a natural way to relax and get stress relief from likable music. Another benefit to overall physical and mental condition is through breathing and posture exercises that music education provides, and they all benefit the stress reduction.

10. Discipline
It looks seamless when Angus Young crushes his Gibson guitar on “Let there be rock” rock anthem, but it takes enormous practice time and discipline to transform the talent into a hall of fame performance. Hours and hours of practice time and discipline within the performance itself can be beneficial to other academic needs.

Bottom line

The importance of music education is, without a doubt, exceptional. It’s worth it if you just get pointers for general knowledge on history, compositors or facts. Learning how you can make or perform music adds another useful layer that translates into better performance in other subjects. Playing an instrument or singing often needs great teamwork, coordination, and a complex set of skills to perform at a high level. Music in schools Is crucial part that separates essential people skills in the face of the upcoming machine-driven economy. Music helps your brain development; it can boost creativity but also other brain enhancements that include improved math skills.

Guest article written by: Bobby Sanchez is a seasoned professional freelancer with the passion for content creation. With academic writing needs in focus, he will deliver the same passion to a case study, report writing, or research paper. Years of experience as a highly-skilled freelance writer means he understands what it takes to make quality content, and it’s his mission to share his ability with others.

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