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Interview | Questions & Answers With Adina E



Adina E
If you listen carefully to Adina E‘s “I Couldn’t Help Myself”, you will immediately fall in love with her voice. Not to mention, the animated video that accompanies this single is a top-notch artistic work. The Israel-born singer and Jazz enthusiast took her time to answer all my questions. Please read on for more details.

1 — At what age did you start your career in music?

I started singing in the shower and at school plays from an early age. But I only began voice lessons and performing in my mid-40’s

2 — Who would you say is your biggest inspiration?

Nina Simone – she was originally a pianist who became a singer because she was told she would be expected to sing for her playing gig. And tho she didn’t have the most polished voice, she became an iconic singer who sang not only about love but about politics and social injustice and her voice was heard worldwide.

adina even zohar
3 — As an artist, do you feel obligated to follow music trends?

No – as an artist I feel obligated to bring my message to my listeners, in my own voice, coming from my own heart. And even if it is a cover – our obligation as artists is to bring it from our own place. Copying or sounding like, or trying to be trendy is not what it’s about.

4 — What would you say it’s Adina E signature style and sound of music?

Adina E is still evolving – started with jazz standards, 60-70’s rock, moving to adult-contemporary, light rock, pop, blues style. The signature sound is warm, smooth, real, heartfelt, easy on the nerves.

5 — Is your latest single “I Couldn’t Help Myself” a love song?

The story is about love lost, but it can be about any of the many times that “we couldn’t help ourselves” – whether it be getting over a weakness or just being able to help ourselves get out of a situation. And the clip visualizes that even tho we have trouble helping ourselves – we can overcome and end up in a better place.

6 — The animated music video looks amazing, whose idea was this?

Thank you!!! We turned to Yoni Goodman, Award-winning animator and director to do the clip. He came up with the idea of making it a hand-drawn clip, something which is rare today because of the amount of time and work it takes. It took over 2000 hand- drawn pictures to make this clip.

7 — What is the message you want listeners to take from your new song?

That we all have weaknesses, but if you try – they can “disappear in time” – that we can overcome and elevate ourselves.

8 — Have you considered recording a new album, or do you prefer to keep releasing more singles?

The new album is ready to be released very soon. This single is one of 10 great tracks on the new album.

9 — What are your plans for the next months?

Performing, performing, performing and working on new material… Always looking for new ways to express myself and sing about things that are important to me.

10 — Finally, if the world was to end tomorrow, what would you want future generations to remember you by?

Well, if the world was to end there probably won’t be future generations. However, what I would like my kids and others to remember is that it is my greatest joy to perform and see people connecting to me thru my songs. If I can move people, and if they react to me as they have been till now – relating to my clips and lyrics and messages of love, compassion, and hope – then I am probably doing what I was destined to do and doing what I love to do. How lucky is that?



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