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Miami Producer Hotboxx On His Creative Process + Studio Setup



Hotboxx Miami Producer DJ
is a Miami-based DJ and music producer with an eclectic sound that merges elements from different genres within the Electronic Dance music world. His reputation as a true tastemaker in the underground House music scene is growing further with the launch of his weekly radio show, “All The Smoke,” which showcases his unparalleled expertise and visionary selections.

Hotboxx’s impressive releases, including “Acostumbrado” and “All Love, have proven his undisputed talent and powerful sound, making him an artist to follow closely. In this interview, we’ll delve into Hotboxx’s creative process, his studio setup, and his journey as a producer, giving us a glimpse into the mind of this rising star in the electronic music scene.

1 — Hello Hotboxx! How are you doing?

I’m doing well! Thanks for asking.

2 — Can you walk us through your studio? How does your setup look like?

I have a pretty simple setup: an Apollo connected to my Kali Audio LP8 monitors, running into my Mac Mini, which I’ve decked out for music production. I use a Casio Privia fully-weighted MIDI keyboard, a Maschine MK3, an Akai MPK mini keyboard, an AKG mic, a bass guitar, and a trumpet. It’s not too much stuff, but it’s more than enough for me.

3 — Which DAW do you use to produce music? Has it always been the same?

I started with Reason, then went to Ableton, then to Logic, and now recently back to Ableton. So, it definitely hasn’t always been the same, but I’m really loving the new Ableton. I doubt I’ll switch again. Everything I need is there, and it’s an amazing program.

4 — Can you describe what the usual workflow looks like when starting a new production?

It really depends. I change up my workflow depending on if I want to make a more melodic track or something more percussive or techy. I always start with a basic 4×4 kick and an off-closed hi-hat. Then, if I want something more melodic, I’ll usually go into some chords or an arp. If I want to go more percussive, I’ll usually go into a bass line or more percussive elements.

5 — Do you have a favorite spot in the studio where you always feel inspired?

Not really. I love the whole studio, and it’s not huge, so there isn’t really a particular spot I feel more inspired. But I will say, when I want to make sure a track is mixed well or balanced, there is a sweet spot in the room when I stand in the back middle. That spot really helps me get a feel for the track and if the mix needs adjustments.

6 — What’s your favorite piece of gear in the studio?

I would probably say my Maschine MK3. It’s an amazing piece of equipment with so much versatility. I’ve created entire tracks on there, and it really has the ability to do anything. I would love to incorporate it into some hybrid-type live sets in the future.

7 — What’s the oldest piece of gear you own?

I don’t really have anything special. I guess the bass guitar would be the oldest, but I don’t have any vintage synths or anything like that, although I’d love to add one in the future.

8 — What’s the latest thing you brought to the studio?

When I switched back to Ableton, I also put it on my laptop for production on the go. So, I wanted something that would add value in both places, and I bought the Akai MPK. It’s an awesome compact keyboard, and the MIDI capabilities are amazing.

9 — Is there something you’d like to add to the studio in the future?

I would love to have a Nord or Roland 707. Rakoon Studios, where I usually go for my mix and master’s, has both, and I love messing with them. I would love to have one or both in my studio.

10 —Do you have any fun stories or interesting anecdotes regarding producing in your studio?

Really too many to talk about, LOL. It’s an amazing room where I constantly feel inspired and escape to create and clear my mind. It’s also become a social point when friends come over where the vibes are always good and we can just jam for a bit.

As we wrap up our interview with Hotboxx, it’s clear that his passion for music and dedication to his craft is what have driven his success thus far. From his simple studio setup to his innovative workflow and eclectic sound, Hotboxx is an artist with a unique perspective and approach to music production.

With his new release, “All Love,” and his performances during Miami Music Week, it’s clear that Hotboxx is only just getting started on his journey to becoming a household name in the Electronic Dance music world. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this talented DJ and music producer.



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