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This Or That With Krista Mitsopoulou — Exclusive Interview



Krista Mitsopoulou
Ever since the beginning of her career, Krista Mitsopoulou has built a genuine reputation for herself. With a love of music since her childhood and a plethora of vinyl that she holds close to her, Krista has seen bountiful success ever since the beginning of her career built from her inimitable sound of uplifting beats, atmospheric harmonies, and enchanting vocals. Electro Wow caught up with the female DJ/music producer for some insider information on her favourites with a this or that interview:

1 — Deep House or Tech House?

In every style of music there are certain tracks that keep playing in my head… Generally though I prefer Deep House.

2 — Big Room EDM or Progressive House?

Progressive House.

3 — “Trigger Happy” or ‘Haunted?

Both tracks are beloved ones, and they represent different kinds of electronic music. So, I really cannot decide!

4 — Nightclub or Festival?

That’s a difficult decision! I would go with nightclub, but nothing can compete with a good festival!

5 — Pioneer or Denon?


6 — Vinyl or CDJs?

Vinyl undeniably has a more lifelike sound quality. This is quite subjective though, as others may see it as prone to interference and noise.

Krista Interview
7 — Ibiza or Miami?

I have to choose Miami this time due to its amazing festivities.

8 — Big Nights out or Chilled Nights In?

Both are essential in order for me to keep a balance in my ears and my brain!

9 — Recording or performing?
Of course, I enjoy performing, feeling the vibe and the energy in the air, but producing is a total expression of your inner world, a surveying of your aesthetic. It is your creation in this world.



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