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Top Music Trends For 2016



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Top Music Trends For 2016! It’s time to look forward at the year ahead. As an experienced blogger in electronic dance music I can predict without any problem what will occur in the music industry in 2016. I’m doing this as part of an analysis I do every year, and only time will tell if I was correct or wrong.

Future House Music Will Conquer The World

Don’t get surprised if you start to see Pop artists trying to hire House music DJs to produce their next album with this trending Future House sound. Also we’ll see Techno, Trance and even Electro DJs trying to make their new tunes under this genre. More and more remixes will have this particular style, which will be a boom in 2016. Also we will see 90’s acts that will return with brand new productions. The question here is… How long will it last? I can predict that soon we’ll face a dispute among purist House music fans who will prefer the repetitive underground classic style and this could damage the popularity of Future House music.

Electro Music Will Soon Be On Its Way To Be Underground

The current Electro House sound will no longer be popular at commercial clubs, as people will now prefer to dance and sing the catchy House music melodies. Electro will become an underground genre and as the sales will decrease. If you are a producer I suggest you to follow the trends and make something different.

Hands Up Music Is Emerging Once Again?

Hands Up music producers will recover the interest to produce this music style, which for many listeners this might be cheesy music, but for others this is fun and enjoyable. Kids of tomorrow don’t want minimal music or dark boring sounds, people is tired with the problems we are facing today in the world. In 2016, people don’t want a WWIII either, they just wanna get wild and crazy, maybe the Vengaboys will return with a new album to make our days more colorful… I’m not sure if this last trend will happen lol.

Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.

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