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5 Tips To Learn Playing Drums Without The Drum Set



5 Tips To Learn Playing Drums Without The Drum Set

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Drumming beginners are not always ready to invest big funds in the purchase of a drum kit. And that’s ok because the lack of a real set wouldn’t stop your progress. Just turn your imagination on! In this article, I will give you five methods to practice drums almost everywhere.

How Does It Work?

Of course, you can just get a full drum set and even the best drum throne to feel yourself like a real rock star on a live performance. But let me teach you some basics that will save you time and money.

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Drum practicing consists of two main elements:

● The development of coordination and muscle memory.
This means that you have to learn to move your limbs at different times, with different speeds and intensities.
● The development of a sense of rhythm.

Neither your brain nor your muscles care whether you play real drums or, for example, pillows. You will remember the movement anyway.


Take a pillow and a pair of drumsticks and start practicing rudiments just like you do on a pad in a music school. The presence of real sticks here is important since you must keep them strictly in the same grip that you will use when playing the drum kit.

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Besides the fact that this method is 100 percent portable, due to it, you will get an advantage over drummers who work only on a real drum set. Actually, the pillow is much softer than the surface of the drum, so it gives less rebound. It means that after each stroke, your muscles will also have to raise the stick.

At first, it will be challenging to do this exercise, but that’s what is called practice. But then, returning to the drum kit with much higher rebound strength, it will be easier for you to develop the speed of the rhythm.

Imaginary drums

For each drummer, beginner or experienced, there are times when they begin to “drum” through the air to the beat of the song they liked. In fact, this activity is not just a fun game. As mentioned above, your muscles do not know which object the movement is directed to. The main thing is the movement itself. So just take any part from the song you are learning, visualize where the parts of your set are, and play it.

The key point in training on imaginary drums is that you should try to clearly repeat the movements, as when playing on a real kit. If you imagine that you play a hi-hat, then your hand at this moment should be at the same point in the air where the real plate is. If you still doubt the effectiveness of this method, watch some Youtube videos where musicians are practicing this method too.


This method involves playing on the hard surface, so it will be easier for you to imagine as you play on a real drum set. However, concerning the direction of action, it is more similar to the pillow method described above. Playing on the floor develops muscle memory, and also gives an advantage when switching to a drum kit. The floor does not have such a strong rebound as the pedals on the installation, so you will begin to feel the muscles of your lower leg in a few minutes of training. Such rehearsals will help you increase the speed of the performance significantly.

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Clapping hands

Unlike previous methods, this one is aimed not to develop muscle memory, but to improve the accuracy and sense of rhythm. Clapping your hands is a simple task that allows you to concentrate on getting into duration fully. In some music schools, children practice this way for up to six months before they first sit down to play at least the snare drum, not even the whole set.

Training pad

Pillows, imagination, and playing on the ground are no doubt cool and effective methods. But if you want something more drum-likely, consider buying a training drum pad. As a rule, this device imitates a snare drum; therefore, it is most convenient to practice the basics on it. The pad can be purchased at any music store, there are hundreds of models and configurations: with a built-in metronome, with a stand or a special mount.

Hi, my name is Erick Ycaza. I have a BA in Advertising & Graphic Design. This blog is to provide you with daily music news and share my personal style.


Choose Acoustic Absorption Material According To Your Needs



Choose Acoustic Absorption Material According To Your Needs

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If you can’t hear the dialogue in a movie you’re watching or if the music you’re playing in your living room is not crystal clear, there’s a good reason for all this. The area probably has no acoustic absorption, so the sounds freely travel through the walls.

On the other hand, outside noise can also enter your living space and bothers you with what you do. All kinds of tones surround us. They are absorbed or reflected by the objects they come into contact with. Depending on the materials of these items, sounds are either reflected (‘indirect sound’) or absorbed.

The reflection of sound waves causes the changing of the wave composition. That’s why reflected tone differs from the original one. This sound goes back to the atmosphere, echoing further throughout the space.

Being exposed to high-frequency tones makes a non-satisfactory feeling for the receptors in your ears. That’s why you should find material that can absorb and reduce noise impact on you and your well-being.

Learn More about Acoustic Absorption

Reflections change the fundamental tone frequency, and that’s what causes acoustic issues. But when the sound is absorbed, it won’t travel through the room. You probably noticed fewer audio distractions in insulated areas. So, the solution is to put absorbing materials within your walls. That way, your room will become more acoustic.

Sound insulation and Sound absorption and insulation are two different things that you shouldn’t mix. Soundproofing will keep the noise from entering the room, while acoustic absorption deals with the sound that’s already inside. The insulation materials with absorption features will keep the noise coming from within your home – inside. Their purpose is to stop the sounds from reflecting further.

Acoustic Absorption Material

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Soundproofing will keep the noise from entering the room, while acoustic absorption deals with the sound that’s already inside. The insulation materials with absorption features will keep the noise coming from within your home – inside. Their purpose is to stop the sounds from reflecting further.

Reducing the traveling of tones will help you hear the sounds you want to hear much clearer. You’ve probably seen all kinds of absorbing materials in theaters, concert and sports halls, recording studios, classrooms, etc. All of these facilities require the sound to stay within the room.

The Benefits that Absorption Materials Bring

Another benefit of proper noise insulation within the rooms is reducing the built-up stress and frustration from trying to hear the clear sounds. With many reflected tones going around, it’s tough to focus your hearing on a specific sound you wish to hear. It can cause your brain to strain while trying to accomplish the task. Therefore, you feel exhausted and stressed.

You’ll achieve much better acoustics within the room insulated with absorption materials. Better acoustics is especially important in schools, music studios, and stages. The last thing any performer needs during a performance or a conference is the sound reflecting around the room.
On the following source, check some useful information on how to improve room acoustics:

If you need to stay focused on particular sounds (you have a music studio or a place for a band rehearsal), proper insulation is a must. This is critical within everyone’s work environment since it’ll affect overall productivity. Little things can be of significant help, and noise absorption has an essential role to play when it comes to relaxing people’s minds from reflecting sounds.

Which Sound Absorption Materials Should You Consider?

Sound Absorption Materials

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There are several ways that can help you achieve better acoustic within the desired room. You can use specific audio absorption products to insulate your room by preventing sounds from traveling freely inside and outside of the space. The purpose of these materials is to make these tones clearer and crisper and to separate them from undefined tones.

You can make a decision based on the vast array of acoustic absorption materials available on the market today. If you want to find a particular noise absorber, you must know which tones you need to neutralize. Some of these insulators work better for low-frequency tones. Others are more suitable for high-frequency tones.

The materials’ appearance can also vary. Buyers can find elements that belong to three different categories: membrane absorbers, resonance absorbers, as well as porous absorbers. The membrane absorbers (aka panel) will soak-in the mid and low-frequency tones. They’re made of rigid and semi-rigid materials like plastics and wood.

A porous bass trap is made of fibers or open-celled foam (more about this type of insulation read on this page). Both materials will absorb the sound waves as they pass through them and convert them to heat, which will be released into the atmosphere. But these are not the best solution when it comes to low and mid-frequency sound waves.

Staying in rooms where sounds are traveling and reflecting on objects is not pleasant at all if there is no good sound insulation. The importance of acoustics is that it provides more accurate reproduction and transfer of sound waves. But most people neglect its purpose and try to cut corners on acoustic absorption.

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Coronavirus Canceled Concerts And Music Festivals Around The World, See The List Here!



Coronavirus Canceled Concerts And Music Festivals Around The World, See The List Here!
Coronavirus is not a simple flu as most people wrongly think. Actually, it’s quite the opposite. Sadly, there is no vaccine on the near horizon and the pandemic keeps rapidly spreading. With a total of 125,000 cases reported around the world, in order to prevent thousands of unnecessary deaths, concerts and music festivals were canceled and postponed. 

Obviously, organizers of music events and artists are most affected because live performances are an important source of income for them. Consequently, those who depend on this activity are now facing lost wages. However, I think it’s highly advisable to avoid crowded areas and take all precautions. You should also keep in mind that health comes first, it’s irresponsible to plan gatherings of people while there is a pandemic going on.

Stay calm, stay informed

Don’t panic, if you are worried about this incident, check out here the most complete list of cancellations and postponements of concerts and music festivals in the world. Best of all, the ongoing list is being updated on a daily basis. As governments look to ban all mass gatherings, the more informed music fans are about such substantial measures, the better. People come together particularly during times of crisis, try to look and maintain a sense of positivity despite this terrible outbreak.

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Best Way To Listen To The Favorite Songs With Workout



Best Way To Listen To The Favorite Songs With Workout
Music makes things better than working with other things. However, listening to the right music also boosts up the speed of the work that the people are performing. This is the best way that you can have the speed which you require in performing the task. Listening to music with the help of Crossfit headphones is the way you are going to have an enjoyable experience. But when you listen to the songs with the help of crappy headphones, it becomes worse. This is the best method with which you can have the best flow of your routine.

The power of music should not be underestimated by anyone. However, headphones are more important in the world of Crossfit. On the other hand, people regard music as the best way to switch the mood. Not only for rejoicing the mood but it is also used for listening to the music at the time of the workout. Other than this, the party doesn’t get started without the help of music. Thus, it is very essential to have the power of music. With the help of listening to music, you can stay focused for longer.

Crossfit headphones – know more about it

Crossfit headphones
Moreover, listening to music for Crossfit athletes is boon. Why? This is because with the help of listening to different tunes and music they feel more confident and hyped. On the other hand, it inspires the athlete to go for extra miles. In addition to this, there are some of the athletes who love to hear music when they sweat during exercises. And using the Crossfit headphones is the benefit for the athlete in performing their activities. This is the way they can have the best way to keep their mood fresh and regenerate. There are many people who get stick to wireless headphones for performing different activities, isn’t it?

But you may be thinking that why the people find it more desirable and enticing to use the Crossfit headphones at the time of workout, right? So, this is because of the benefits that the headphones that athletes are using. Thus, know about some of the benefits that the headphones are having.

Benefits of using Crossfit headphones

Crossfit headphones benefits
Here are some of the benefits of using the types of Crossfit headphones. The benefits are as follows:

You can get rid of wires

While doing the workout you need the freedom to move your body in every direction. However, it is the reason that the gym trainers prefer to give advice to the trainees using the type of wireless earphones. Now with the help of the headphones developed seeing the inability to perform the task, you don’t have to worry about earbuds falling. Other than this, you also don’t have to worry about the cable coming in contact with your clothes every time.

The Crossfit headphones are developed for working out in the gyms and having different types of training. So, this is the way that you can have sweat with listening to the best music that you love. Not only the music you can easily get access to the tunes which you love and feel relaxed.

Connect on the move

headphones workout
Moreover, you can get access to the calls that you are doing with the help of using wireless headphones. However, you don’t have to put much effort into connecting to the call with the help of connecting to the headphones; you can easily get access to the calls. On the other hand, you just have to touch when the calls are coming on the phone. But your hands are free of holding the mobile phone. Therefore, it is rightly said that you can have the calls on the move.

And this is the reason that people love having Crossfit headphones. However, this is the way that the people are hearing music with headphones. It is the best method that you can easily enjoy the entire workout that you are having.

Keep unwanted noise out

With having these headphones, it is very easy for you to keep all the unwanted noise out from entering into the ears. However, this is the way that you can have a wonderful sound of music and high quality of voice. And the headphones are essential when the places seem to be noisy and the noise irritates you. On the other hand, while having the workout session you just have to energize the body and work with full energy. It is the way that you can even walk down to the street by having the perfect music in your ears.

The headphones are the best as it recognizes the noise and keeps it out from entering into the ears and disturbing the music. Thus, it is the way that you can listen to the favorite tracks without the interference.

High quality of audio

With using the Crossfit headphones, you are going to have the benefit of listening to the music with the high-quality audio. However, this is the benefit because of which the people prefer to use this type of headphones during their workout sessions. Also, this is the reason that you must have access to the headphones for listening to sounds and music. So, this is the best benefit that the headphones are having. On the other hand, you can have the music and the sound with the help of the Crossfit wireless headphones.

Get it with your style

You can enjoy having the music with headphones along with performing different activities. However, you can have your own style by having the activities. So, you don’t have to hide your style, you can have this with using the headphones. This is the way that you can have the music on your fingertips.


Therefore, these are some of the information on using Crossfit headphones. However, using it is the benefit of doing all the exercises that you are doing. Easily connect the headphones as a Bluetooth device to smartphones and listen to awesome tunes and music. So, have the best types of headphones and enjoy the workout.

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Buying The Best Karaoke Machine And Make Your Karaoke Party Awesome



karaoke party

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Many affordable karaoke machines have hogged on the market. These have given the best of experiences to families who are habitual of throwing parties. Various models, attractive designs, built-in speaker options, and other features have made it to the par that almost every family needs a karaoke at home.

Most of the models can be simply plugged and played. Those that do not come with inbuilt lyrics or screen can be directly connected to the TV or monitor screen. There are few that come with an inbuilt CD player.

How Buying a Karaoke Machine Can Make Your Party Really Awesome?

1. Learning device
Karaoke machines are not just mere fun while singing on these, you will learn a lot about singing and practicing your vocals. The best thing is that you introduce these to your kids through parties at home and you will soon experience their developing interest in singing.

2. Budding artists
Budding artists always seek an opportunity to sing at home functions or house parties. They shy away from as they lack professional practice. However, a karaoke night is fun and learning at the same time. Throwing a few nights of karaoke in a month won’t let you feel shy anymore to sing in front of friends and then public.

3. Bond in relations
There is nothing as beautiful as singing. Singing on karaoke teaches you to strengthen your bond with friends and family. Dedicating songs to them can help create more love and affection in the family. Moreover, it also relaxes the stress and mood of hectic life.

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4. Entertainment
Buying a good karaoke machine can make your party awesome with unlimited entertainment with unlimited song tracks. Some models give you liberty to directly connect with the smart TV and play tracks directly from YouTube. All you need is a WiFi connection and song track to start the entertainment session with your singing.

5. Physical activities and fitness
Physical activities and fitness can be improved by introducing karaoke machine in your house. Not just the party mood, it can set any group fitness sessions that you have planned with your friends. Singing is also essential to relax your mood and build your immune system. While singing on karaoke and practicing regularly, you exercise your neck and head muscles. Moreover, the mind is at peace with your favourite tracks.

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6. Partying with a theme
From retro to classics, everything gets super excited if you introduce a theme to your karaoke party. Theme parties always create the best ambience and mood for singing. You can create your own custom playlist as per theme and play songs where people can sing in costume.

Check out how you can throw karaoke party at home to make it memorable. Seek your friends’ advice how they would want a karaoke session at your place. Few drinks, party poppers, musical crockery, musical invites, and such ideas will create the buzz and entice them to be a part of this magical and musical evening. You can check through the karaoke models online.

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Guitar Maintenance Guide, From Knobs To String Replacement



Knowing how to properly maintain your guitar is an important thing to master when it comes to owning one of these heavenly instruments. Of course, you can always hire someone to do the maintenance for you, but if you are a true guitar lover, you’ll understand me when I say that maintenance is a pretty important and personal thing and that there’s nothing better than understanding how your instruments work as well as being able to take care of them by all yourself.

In this guide, I will cover in a simple way the steps that you must follow to make maintenance to your guitar, and certain things that you should consider as you do it. For a more complete and detailed guide, you can always check this one: 

The Cleaning

The first step you must follow when it comes to maintaining your sweetheart is cleaning it up. The process is rather simple. With a wet soft cloth soeaked in water or distilled vinegar, wipe the dirt off it as softly as you can. You’ll want the piece of cloth to be as wringed out as possible, too.

Guitar Maintenance Guide, From Knobs To String Replacement
Before doing it, you can remove the strings if you want. This is actually very recommended. Usually, this step should be taken even with new guitars, since they usually have low-quality strings that produce low-quality sound. With a new set of strings, you’ll make sure you are getting the best sound possible.

Removing the Strings

When removing the strings, you can use a especial tool known as string unwinders, but they are not absolutely necessary. You can still do it by yourself if you don’t own one. What you wanna do is rotate the tuning peg until the strings are as loose as possible. After that, try to remove them without letting the strings scratch the guitar.

You can put these strings on hold if you want to have them as a backup, or just throw them in a garbage can. The decisions are yours to take.

Change The Tone Knobs if Necessary

If you think that you should upgrade the tone knobs, this is the perfect time to do it. Tone knobs are not usually something people change as often as strings, but to improve your guitar’s aesthetics, and make it suit your style, you should consider doing it. This process is rather easy, too. If you want a more graphic guide, you can always visit this article.

The first thing you want to do is rotate the tone knobs to 0, and slowly remove them from the guitar. This is the most difficult step (and is rather easy) so you should be careful about it.

Take care of them as you do it, as you can damage them if you make a mistake, or scratch the instrument. Treat it with care and love, as you would treat a lady.

After you’ve done so, you can install your new knobs. The process is the same: apply the new knobs until it snaps in. Make sure it has been properly installed by rotating them a couple of times.

Now, if you are having trouble with choosing knobs, I recommend you to check this website, a nice review on the top 5 knobs, its pros, and its cons.

Apply Polisher

Make sure that you have thoroughly cleaned the instrument before this step. You can apply wood polish with a piece of soft clothing to make your guitar shine more than ever. You can use different types of tones to make it look even better, depending on the model you own. With electric guitars, you should be careful with the electric components.

The Re-Stringing

The re-stringing process is a little difficult to explain, but I will try my best. First, you should remove the peg of said string. There should be a little space where you put the string, and you should slowly rotate until you feel the work is done. Be careful, though! You could snap them if you are too rough. Personally, I’d recommend you check a video for this step, since it is a little delicate and complicate the process.


This one is rather easy. You can use a digital tuner, but if you are short in money, there are some software and apps you can use. If you have a laptop or a desktop with a microphone, you can use both. If not, a smartphone will be more than enough.

When to Say Goodbye

Well… This is a rather difficult question. You can get by with a single guitar for the rest of your life if you know how to take care of it, and if you are willing to do it. It’s always a matter of whether you want to get a new one, or not. Sometimes this means saying goodbye and selling your old partner. This can be difficult, but for some people, it’s absolutely necessary. With that said, you should always learn what to know before buying a guitar.

If you have the right knowledge and understand the basics, you’ll make the right decision and won’t regret the investment, and the farewell.

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