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Everywhere Listeners Are Raving About This Electro-Pop Banger By MELØ



Some artists have a knack for coming up with song titles, MELØ and his debut single, “Mysteria” is a perfect example. Believe it or not, this contemporary Electro-Pop banger has surpassed over 25K streams on Spotify in such a short time.

On one side aesthetics of the music video portray an air of enigma regarding the dancer, while on the other hand, 80s-tinged synths and drums transform the bar’s atmosphere leaving a pleasant vibe.

Additionally, the Canadian-based singer looks sensational singing at the top of his lungs while performing to a select public as seen in the clip. Beyond his emotional attitude, the storyline behind “Mysteria” revolves around a magical love affair despite a certain level of skepticism.


To turn an intriguing narrative into a fully developed composition is pure art. Among MELØ’s great influences, there’s an amalgam of sounds by the likes of David Bowie, INXS, and Depeche Mode.

Eventually, the chorus of “Mysteria” is as explosive as in the golden days. For good measure, the lyrical brilliance fills the track in question with unforgettable catchiness.

Without fear of being wrong, I assure you the entire world will appreciate its instant singalong properties too.

Well, I don’t need a crystal ball to see you can expect other popular numbers this year.



By Erick Ycaza

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