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EDM Can Improve Your Mental Health, Get To Know Terminal 101



Terminal 101
Who would have thought that producing tracks help artists cope with mental health struggles? Forming a unique bond between EDM and House music since the start of the pandemic, Terminal 101 is a talent eager to inspire the world. 

Undoubtedly, Robert Westbrook aka Terminal 101 is the living proof of the great psychological benefits behind composing melodies. Even at the age of 40 and with the support of his family, he confesses this formula works.

Whether or not, he achieves an impact through his debut single “Walk With Me, the English producer is encouraging others to see music not only as a pleasant distraction but as a healing mechanism aiming to reduce feelings of pain and depression.

Of course, this also applies to the most creative souls.

Terminal 101 discovered that rich sonic textures arising in his head could be the starting point of something truly special. Give it a try below.

While he has been experiencing difficulties, testing new samples, and crafting futuristic beats, “Walk With Me” results in an amalgam of spatial effects and breathtaking breaks. Clearly, the cover art for this release makes justice to its concept.

Furthermore, Terminal 101 is waging brilliant use of dynamic transitions alongside a sublime sound design. He will reach undiscovered heights in no time, as his very first EP is coming out in April.

Stay alert for more details soon.



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