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Dua Lipa Unleashes High-Energy Spectacle In “Houdini” Video Clip



Lights, camera, action! Dua Lipa has unleashed a new music video that is a high-energy spectacle. This single, titled “Houdini, is a Nu Disco jam that offers a glimpse into the fresh direction that the singer is exploring on her upcoming third album.

The British-Albanian singer dazzles on the dance floor in a rehearsal room, perfectly complementing the song’s exuberant flair. She starts by engaging in a dance-off with her own reflection in the mirror, before being joined by a group of dancers.

Moreover, toward the climax of the song, there’s a fantastic moment where the melody changes completely, creating the perfect setup for an incredible synth solo that enhances the overall atmosphere.

Dua Lipa

Definitely, my favorite part of this track is the chorus. Dua Lipa sings about being temporary. If someone doesn’t catch her fast, she’ll vanish like “Houdini,” a famous magician known for his feats of escape and illusion.

This year, she achieved solo success with the hit “Dance The Night” from the Barbie soundtrack, and she made her acting debut in a blockbuster film.

Without further ado, the idea of a groovy/funky material coming soon makes me so happy.



By Erick Ycaza

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