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Romy Sparks Up The Party On ‘Mid Air’ Closer “She’s On My Mind”



“She’s On My Mind” finds Romy Madley Croft aka Romy closing out her spectacular ‘Mid Air’ album in style with a heart-pumping Disco surprise. In the music video, Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams is part of the crew cuttin’ loose with the English musician at a late-night club.

Fun and Vibey Finale. It’s Lyrically Liberating!

Of course, this new single is such a fun, vibey way to end Romy’s debut solo album ‘Mid Air.’ You can tell she wants people to feel like they’re at the end of the best night ever when that one friend throws on a Disco banger. And the lyrics are all about embracing your feelings and not even caring what people think.

Moreover, the piano brings a touch of sophistication to the whole composition. Not to mention, this specific element adds an elegant and timeless quality to a song that can easily become Romy’s next hit.

Romy Mid Air

North and South American Tour Dates Announced for 2024

If you can’t get enough of Romy’s incredible Dance cuts, she just announced some North and South American tour dates coming in 2024. You can catch her live and in person in LA on March 27th, NYC on the 29th, Buenos Aires on May 14th, and wrapping up in Santiago, Chile on the 16th.

Mid Air and the LGBT Dance Music Scene

It is gratifying to hear that Romy’s ‘Mid Air’ debut album is inspired by the LGBT dance music scene. Indeed, underground clubs and the welcoming community helped her feel less alone growing up.

This album is all about celebrating love, dealing with heartbreak, and exploring your true self through the power of music. Check it out if you need an infusion of positivity and a dose of fresh energy!



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